Vibrant Hues Give Unique Character to Light-filled Spaces

Pop of Color

The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Natural Beauty

The simplicity of the white brick facade and neutral grey roof act as the perfect canvas for nature’s colors to shine.

Kitchen design The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Mixing it Up

Bold blue hues and metal accents blended with marble and wood elements create an ideal space for culinary creations.

dining room The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Beach on the Boulevard

Pastel tones, traditional touches, and modern pops of color form a peaceful feast for the eyes.

master bedroom The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Blissful Boudoir

Great bedfellows are made with the marriage of cool contemporary tones paired with a classic Eames lounger.

master bathroom design The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Freshen Up

Sunbathing takes on a new meaning in this modern bathroom that is filled with natural light.

outdoor living The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston

Backyard Bites

Vines trailing up the exterior wall and a brilliant blue lamp take this casual yet refined outdoor dining space to new heights.

The Rice Boulevard House, in Houston
Interior Design by Mary Patton
Photos by Molly Culver
Courtesy of Mary Patton Design

About the Designer:

Specializing in residential and commercial interior design as well as home and event styling, Mary Patton creates elegant, eclectic interiors that mix modern with vintage and high art with personal treasures to create moments of unexpected beauty for her clients.


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