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Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas, part of the Transworld Business Advisors global network, is the world’s largest, fastest-growing business brokerage firm and has been around for more than 40 years. Vicki Wallace, CEO and owner, has a mission to position her company as the brokerage firm in North Texas with whom to do business. 

“We were recently voted by Living readers as the Best Business Brokerage firm in all of the North Texas markets,” shared Vicki, “which is a real honor that I’m proud of and grateful for.” 

A Global Reach

One reason folks want to work with Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas is due to their network’s sheer size. Transworld clients are connected to a global audience with more than 700 brokers worldwide, where the market is always ripe for sellers given that there are far more buyers looking to buy than there
are sellers. 

Transworld’s global network is what sets them apart from other business brokers. Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas brings more buyers’ eyes to your business listing — and creating more buyer competition helps them get top dollar for your business.


“Our corporate motto is ‘We do good deals for good people,’” said Pam Vincent, president of Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas. “We help people achieve their goals, whether that means exiting corporate America to pursue the dream of owning your own business or selling the business you’ve worked so hard to build and finally cashing in for retirement.

“Our advisors consist of former owners, CFOs, M&A and real estate experts,” she continued. “There is nothing more reassuring for our buyers and sellers than to be able to tell someone, ‘I’ve been where you are, and I know how to help you.’” 

Business owners should work with an expert. Selling a business is a very complex process. There are multiple factors that may not be considered including financial, legal and accounting, and deal structure. It can be distracting trying to manage the sale yourself and adversely affect the business. A business broker will handle all aspects of the process while you continue to do what you do best — run your operation.

Success Stories

Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas recently closed a deal for a business that was more than four decades old as well as the real estate. The owners were reaching retirement age and the husband had experienced two significant health scares. Their business had grown exponentially over the last two years and had become just too much to manage. With Transworld’s help, they sold their business and are moving to their land in West Texas. They are ecstatic that the new owners will continue the legacy of their business and they can move happily into their retirement. 

“After the pandemic,” said Vicki, “everyone began looking at their business in a new way. We worked with a buyer who had been dependent on products from China, so when China shut down, his sales didn’t slow down — they went to zero. The company’s existing purchase orders were cancelled overnight. He wanted to diversify and source products made in America (where most of his customers are) to broaden his portfolio as well as acquire new customers for cross selling. 

When to Sell

There are many reasons why people sell their businesses: relocation, health issues, or life changes. And one big mistake people make is not thinking about an exit strategy until there is a crisis, like health or divorce or declining revenues and profit. 

Most small business owners have invested years of blood, sweat, and tears, and their business is their retirement savings. However, the advisors at Transworld are quick to point out the importance of an exit plan and preparing the business for sale by keeping good books and records. 

“Don’t wait until the passion is gone or sales to go from growth to flat or declining. Buyers look closely at trends to see if the business is dying or thriving. The best time to sell is when you’re at the top of your game,” said Vicki.

What if there is a buyer out there looking for a business like yours and you don’t even know it? Statistically, only about 20 percent of businesses actually sell. Far too many just close their doors or go under. Consider that now is the time to sell, and let the experts find you the best deal out there. There is no one who brings more buyers and sellers together than Transworld.

Confidentiality and Contingency

Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas makes confidentiality a top priority. They will not put a “For Sale” sign in front of your business. Most business owners do not want their employees, customers, or competitors to know the business is for sale. Not only is that knowledge disruptive to the business, but it can also cause you to lose key employees or customers, and both significantly factor into the worth of the company. Transworld markets the business to potential buyers without disclosing the name or address of the business. Prospective buyers are required to sign a comprehensive non-
disclosure agreement.

Transworld offers a complimentary business valuation. They will evaluate your business to determine the market value and help you establish a list price. The best news is that Transworld works on a contingency and charges no upfront fees. This means their goals are perfectly aligned with the seller’s goals. 

A Local Point of View

Transworld Business Advisors of North Texas knows North Texas. It’s where they live, shop, and dine. They also know it’s the business epicenter of the state with a rapidly expanding population, abundant educational opportunities, and major business relocations. North Texas is where businesses and startups continue to prosper, and they are glad to call it home.

“We have a local presence with a global reach,” said Pam. “Together we offer decades of experience, which means we have the know how and necessary resources to get a deal done.”


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