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Serenity. Desire. A stray memory. Scents can evoke powerful feelings. Read on to ensure your fragrance complements your mood, no matter what persona you’re putting on.


Perfume Feature 7-15_WEB1Grown-up scents move towards woody muskiness—sensual, seductive and with serious attitude. Feminine and vampish, they celebrate the true art and depth of fragrance.

Confident and sophisticated, Boss Nuit Pour Femme by Hugo Boss perfume will make you feel like Cinderella for the night. Inspired by the little black dress, this feminine nighttime scent is just the thing for special occasions and romantic dinners. Created by Hugo Boss, it combines the floral top notes of white flowers, jasmine, and violet with the musky base notes of crystalline moss and creamy sandalwood.

Armani Si is the very essence of class and beauty. This fragrance was introduced by the classic designer Giorgio Armani to complement the refined and sophisticated Armani clothing line. Notes of cassis, freesia and May rose are blended with warm vanilla and musky patchouli to create a fragrance that is sure to leave everyone wanting more from the minute you pass.

Lanvin Me is an exemplary fragrance for the confidant young woman. An expert combination of delicate florals with zesty blueberry and liquorice creates a unique, enticing fragrance that’s both feminine and sophisticated. Creatively, this elegant fragrance possesses a moderate composition complete with tuberose, mandarin orange and sandalwood notes. Fitting for daytime and occasional evening use, this refined, long-lasting scent clings to your skin throughout the day and into the night.

Energized and Happy

Perfume Feature 7-15_WEB3How to be the life of the party, besides your amazing outfit and personality? Leaving a lasting impression with a well chosen perfume! Remember, fragrance is an accessory too, so be sure to match your scent well with the look you plan for the night! Take a look at our top party fragrances to get things going. Rich with woody, musky and flowery combinations, these fragrances are classical and elegant yet still fun!

Versace Crystal Noir by Gianni Versace is the right fragrance for the woman looking to impress on her next night out. This perfume features hints of pepper, ginger, gardenia, and amber to create a sensual scent that is sure to bring you the compliments you desire. Whether you choose to wear this perfume out with friends or colleagues, Versace Crystal Noir is sure to add a bit of mystery to your evening.

Bring a touch of sweetness to your evening with The One by Dolce & Gabbana. This delightful scent is the perfect blend of plum, vetiver bergamot and fruity florals, mixed with Madonna lily, muguet, lychee, jasmine and vanilla. This beautiful fragrance for women is elegant and classic, evoking the timeless sense of ages past. Apply it to your skin before you leave the house for a formal dinner party or an evening on the town with friends, and enjoy the instant sophistication it brings.

If you are looking for a light and airy evening fragrance, you will fall in love with Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior. This scent is comprised of strawberry leaves, mandarin, violet, and jasmine. The base notes are patchouli and musk. This fragrance is not overwhelming, but it is sure to make heads turn. Women of all ages are raving about Miss Dior Cherie.

Romantic and Sweet

Perfume Feature 7-15_WEB4Romantic fragrances contain lush flowers; powdery notes and comforting, sweet aromas like vanilla and amber and/or warm balsam elements, which evoke the essence of falling in love.

With a name like Romance, you know this perfume for women by Ralph Lauren will radiate mystery and intrigue. This sultry and feminine fragrance has a subtle blend of fresh rose, violet, ginger, oakmoss, marigold and musk. Its flowery nature makes it subtly sensuous—perfect for a dinner party, a night at the opera, or any other sophisticated evening engagement.

Narciso Rodriguez combines notes of lavender, pink pepper, patchouli, amber, violet and woody accord into a spicy yet feminine blend designed to help unleash your romantic side. Spritz this perfume all over your body and let your imagination carry you to a place free of worries and responsibilities.

Princess Night by Vera Wang is an exotic romantic fragrance blended for beautiful wannabe-princesses everywhere. A regal blend of fruits and exotic flowers merge with woody base notes playing a sensual twilight role. While it’s not an overwhelmingly sweet perfume, subtle notes of crushed sugar and vanilla give Princess Night a more playful and flirty edge.

Sexy and Flirtatious

Perfume Feature 7-15_WEB5Research suggests that notes of vanilla, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood are aphrodisiac in nature—why not bring the passion into your relationship with scents inspired by these notes.

Shalimar perfume for women by Guerlain has entranced women with its alluring fragrance ever since its introduction. A classic that is enjoyed to this day, Shalimar perfectly combines a feminine, stylish character with exotic florals and vanilla for a romantic, complex fragrance that’s high in character. It’s a warm balance that’s evocative but never overwhelming.

Distinctive and dramatic, See by Chloe blends bergamot, apple blossom, jasmine and ylang-ylang notes and finishes with a base note of musk, creating a scent that is feminine and powerful yet playful and flirtatious.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker is a deeply evocative scent that carefully balances a subtle tone with fruity and musky elements. It’s an attractive bouquet that has a delicate and appealing construction that blends musk apple, lavender and amber in perfect balance. This bright, fresh perfume is great for a night out.


Perfume Feature 7-15_WEB6Picking an office-friendly fragrance may be difficult, especially if you want a nice powerful scent, but don’t want to scare away and/or offend any of your co-workers. For that crisp, non-overpowering perfume you crave, here are five fab fragrances for your work day!  Citrus notes combined with florals are an excellent choice for the office as they are energetic yet soft and subtle.

Cashmere Mist Perfume by Donna Karan adds an understated touch of elegance to your daytime activities, whether you’re out meeting with clients or working inside. Spray it on before you head out in the morning for a distinctive yet subtle scent that will last the whole day.

Calvin Klein’s Sheer Beauty combines fruity, white floral, citrus, and fresh notes to create a charming floral-fruity scent. This delicate casual fragrance is perfect for everyday use and exudes femininity. It is subtle and not overpowering, so you can spray it on in the morning before heading to the office and feel instantly refreshed.

Add style to your everyday activities with Intrusion by Oscar de la Renta. This delightful women’s fragrance is like a bouquet of marine florals, creating the perfect mix of sweet, cool scents that imparts an instant burst of calm energy that will last throughout the day.

Intimately Yours by Beckham is a perfectly balanced fragrance that will give you a confident air in the office and at home. With a soft-to-moderate wake of scent left as you pass, this alluring eau de parfum pairs sweet top notes of bergamot, pear, and freesia with vetiver, sandalwood, and iris base notes for an enticing aroma that will earn you many compliments.

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By Patti Kapla, V.P. of Business Development for FragranceNet.com

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