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By Steve Gamel | Photo by Penny Whistle Photography

Early in his medical career, Dr. Michael George recalls performing surgery on a patient who had been injured and completely lost his ability to see. It was a delicate procedure, and there were no guarantees that it would work, but it went so well that the patient miraculously had 20/20 vision by the next morning and could read even the smallest line on the vision chart. What Dr. George will never forget, however, were the tears of joy in his patient’s eyes. 

“He was in tears because he could see his six grandchildren. He had been completely blind since before they were born, and he could finally see them after all those years,” Dr. George said. “It was heartwarming. That will always stick with me.” 

Thankfully, Dr. George’s extensive training and expertise, along with his professional team at Tylock-George Eye Care, allow him and their patients to experience small miracles like that every day. Tylock-George continues to be recognized as a refractive surgery and LASIK leader throughout the United States. LASIK, a procedure that corrects vision problems by improving the eye’s ability to focus, has evolved considerably since its origins in the late 1980s, and Tylock-George Eye Care has remained at the forefront of the field for over 30 years. During this time, Dr. George has performed thousands of LASIK procedures and other surgical interventions — all with a team approach that puts patients first and helps them see better tomorrow. 

Dr. George believes in the benefits of this profession and LASIK so much that he has performed the procedure on his own family, other ophthalmologists and optometrists, surgeons, his staff, and his staff’s family members. 

“Giving a person the ability to see and function can affect their lives positively, and that makes me happy,” Dr. George said. “I was blessed with friends and family who influenced me positively and taught me the importance of prioritizing people around me.” 

Dr. George comes from a family of doctors. His older brother (emergency surgery) and younger sister (psychiatry) also earned degrees to live out their grandfather and father’s dream of helping people through modern-day medicine. Dr. George has been with Tylock-George since 2012, having previously earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University. He also completed his comprehensive ophthalmology residency training at the prestigious University of Louisville Lions Eye Center in Louisville, Kentucky, and corneal and refractive surgery fellowship at the Wang Vision Institute in Tennessee. 

Among his many accolades and affiliations, Dr. George was chosen as the official LASIK surgeon of the Texas Rangers baseball team and has performed countless career-enhancing procedures on athletes, celebrities, and coaches. He is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a Fellow with the American Association of Ophthalmology. 


8080 State Highway 121
Suite 110
McKinney, Texas 75070
(469) 242-2020

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