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Pickles Vacations and Pickles Travel Network


When Stephanie Pickles launched Pickles Vacations, a luxury travel agency, in 2019, she didn’t expect the global pandemic. However, it didn’t stop her from building a world-class travel agency that helps people create the vacation of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a short adventure, Pickles Vacations can help.

Pickles Vacations has a team of seven travel agents, and this year, Stephanie is opening a host agency, Pickles Travel Network. Through this host agency, independent travel agents and agencies can use Stephanie’s extensive network of suppliers, software, training, and licenses while branding themselves.

Independent travel agents and travel agencies also benefit from Stephanie’s expertise. An accomplished and successful entrepreneur, Stephanie has gained experience in many diverse fields. She has honed her skills through the years working in the restaurant and real estate industry. But it’s the travel industry that has always had her heart. “My love has always been food and travel,” she says.

Stephanie and her team invite you to #FeedYourWanderlust. “We have agents who specialize in different types of vacations. We make it simple for you to have the vacation of a lifetime,” she says. “I’ve trained my agents to pay attention to every detail. We want to go above and beyond with every client.” Schedule a free consultation at PicklesVacations.com.

If you work as an independent travel agent, find out how Stephanie can help you build and grow your business through Pickles Travel Network. Contact [email protected] to get started today.