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5 Tips for Parents to Support Their Future All-Stars

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Some of the fondest childhood memories for many people include practicing sports, game days, and teammates turned friends. Parents hoping to provide their children with similar experiences can look to organized youth sports as a perfect outlet for expending energy, all while learning valuable life lessons like teamwork, goal setting, humbly celebrating victories, and bouncing back from defeat.

In fact, sports can provide a multitude of benefits for young athletes. From improving physical health to gaining valuable social and leadership skills, team-oriented activities give kids a way to explore their own interests and have a little fun.

1. Encourage Kids to Try Multiple Sports

If your little ones are first-time athletes, signing up for multiple sports exposes them to a variety of options. They can navigate their interests and discover their unique talents through each sport’s challenges. For example, some require more endurance, like soccer and basketball, while others call on coordination and balance, such as dance or baseball. Once they’ve experienced a few activities, allowing them to choose which sports to continue participating in provides a sense of independence.

2. Outfit Athletes with the Proper Gear

Each sport and activity have equipment requirements, ranging from simple (a ball and a net) to complex (helmets, pads, bases, and more). Proper footwear is necessary, whether it’s cleats for outdoor events or shoes with ankle support for a sport like basketball. Remember, safety comes first, which is why your children may need helmets, shin guards, knee pads, or other protective equipment. Be sure to talk to coaches or league coordinators about what equipment is provided and what you may need to purchase (or borrow).

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Sports

While you don’t need to be a hall-of-fame coach to enjoy your kids’ events, understanding the rules and regulations can help you be a more informed parent. Plus, it shows your little athletes you’re taking an interest in their activities when you can discuss the game together. If you’re able, one of the best ways to learn is to attend a local professional, semi-professional, college, or even high school game with your children so everyone can get in on the fun together.

4. Make Postgame Cleanup a Breeze

Many people don’t know sweat can lead to bacteria, which secrete acids with a distinct, stinky odor. Just think about all the bacteria living in a gym bag after your children’s big games. Behind a team of bacteria-fighting scientists, Lysol Labs is on a mission to educate parents and their young athletes that bacteria can be the source of their stinky clothes.

“A single stinky sock can contain more than 8 million bacteria,” said Callum Couser, Reckitt Research and Development Operations Manager, Hygiene. “This program was created to show parents the number of bacteria in their kids’ clothes and how to eliminate 99.9% of the odor-causing bacteria on stinky clothes during the summer sports season.”

You can strike out stink with a laundry additive like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria on laundry when used as directed and helps simplify your postgame routine. It contains 0% bleach and even works in cold water.

5. Be a Good Sport

Teaching a child sportsmanlike conduct is crucial for fostering respect, resilience, and fair play. Emphasizing values of graciousness in victory and defeat, instilling teamwork, and honoring opponents cultivates integrity. Encouraging empathy towards others’ efforts and displaying good sportsmanship forms the foundation for lifelong character development.

Courtesy: Family Features and Lysol.com

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