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Landry Designs and Above & Beyond Multifamily


Interior designer Lisa Landry thrives on taking challenging situations and achieving successful solutions for all involved. “It helps that I’m very competitive and don’t give up easily,” she said. A creative thinker who doesn’t get stressed under pressure, Lisa loves helping others grow and reach their fullest potential. Good thing she loves a challenge since she’s stretching her time and efforts between two successful businesses, Landry Designs and Above & Beyond Multifamily.

Landry Designs, the interior design firm Lisa began over two decades ago, specializes in residential and commercial interior design makeovers. Their team of 20 has been voted “Best Interior Designer” by Living Magazine readers nine years in a row. “We can’t thank the readers enough,” Lisa said. “We added multifamily to the mix ten years ago and have won many awards for that work. We’ve now decorated over 100 apartment communities across the country.”

A few years ago, Lisa’s son, a prolific real estate investor, recommended that she invest in real estate, seeing it as more stable than the stock market. Lisa dove headfirst into researching multifamily investing by listening to podcasts, reading books, and attending conferences across the country. The result was Above & Beyond Multifamily, an apartment community investment firm through which Lisa buys apartments with partners. The goal is to achieve financial freedom and legacy wealth for herself and others while improving the lives of the residents who live in these communities. “We elevate the look and feel of these properties, quickly increasing their value,” Lisa said. “I’ve been fortunate to buy $27 million in assets with partners in the past couple of years, and we’re regularly adding properties to our portfolio. I’ve also started a monthly meetup group to share what I’m learning with others.”

Growing up, Lisa didn’t have to look far for mentors. “My dad served in the Air Force, and we lived in England and Spain when I was a child,” she said. “That instilled in me a love of travel and adventure. Later, my dad became an entrepreneur with many successful businesses, inspiring me to follow that path. And my mom was the funniest person I ever knew, taking any situation and making us all laugh. Her love of fun and humor is a big part of how I live my life, too.”

“I believe in living every day to its fullest. I love ‘slingshotting’ myself across the world, doing hard things when I get there, and learning about myself through adventurous situations,” Lisa said. “I come from a family of real estate investors, realtors, remodelers, and designers, and we all enjoy improving people’s lives with visual and functional improvements to their surroundings. How things look and feel really can make a difference in people’s moods and happiness, and we enjoy playing a small part in that. I also believe our health is our most important asset, so I focus daily on fitness and healthy living.”

An animal lover and vegan, Lisa supports animal sanctuaries and helped found Modern Vegan, a group that hosts fun outdoor events for the “veg” or “veg-curious” around the Metroplex.


1205 Sturgeon Court, Suite 105
Arlington, Texas 76001
(817) 835-3100

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