Cindy McMann, DDS Elianne Alarcon, DDS Bridget Le, DDS

Stonebridge Dental PebblePath Dentistry and Orthodontics
Leading Women

Cindy McMann, DDS Elianne Alarcon, DDS Bridget Le, DDS

Stonebridge Dental PebblePath Dentistry and Orthodontics

Cindy McMann, DDS Elianne Alarcon, DDS Bridget Le, DDS Stonebridge Dental PebblePath Dentistry and Orthodontics

In 2023 Dr. Cindy McMann and Dr. Michael Bolten  celebrated twenty years of making McKinney smile at Stonebridge Dental. The founding partners fulfilled their dream of creating a one-stop, complete dental care office with the addition of highly skilled specialty doctors who share their philosophies of compassion and superior care. Stonebridge Dental is poised to continue their commitment with the expansion of their facility and the founding of PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.

Dr. McMann grew up in Garland, Texas. She received her bachelor’s of science degree in biology from the University of North Texas. With a scholarship from the Hispanic Dental Society she pursued her doctorate of dental surgery at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas, a school ranked number one nationally. She graduated there cum laude.

Dr. McMann practices a conservative approach to dentistry with a focus on preventive care and patient education. Her patient and comforting chair-side manner enables her to work with family members of all ages. Dr. McMann’s goal is to make sure all patients are well informed so they understand which treatments are absolutely necessary, which are elective, and which are cosmetic. Stonebridge can provide each kind of procedure with its priority of putting patients first.

A Collaborative Team

As a Leading Woman in the dental field, Dr. McMann has built a collaborative team at Stonebridge Dental dedicated to providing outstanding care in the McKinney community. Dr. Elianne Alarcon and Dr. Bridget Le bring additional expertise and insight to the group.

Dr Elianne Alarcon Stonebridge

Dr. Alarcon was born in Mexico City, and grew up in Dallas. She received her bachelor of arts in biological sciences from Rice University and her doctor of dental surgery degree from Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. Her love of biology motivates her to use her knowledge to help others and improve their lives. While she started her career in laboratory research, Dr. Alarcon soon realized she was much better suited to daily contact with patients, helping them achieve their dream smiles and experiencing the rewards of helping change their lives.

Dr. Alarcon prioritizes treating patients the same way she would treat her own family. She excels at explaining a patient’s needs as she sees them, exploring possible treatment options and developing recommendations in the patient’s best interest.

She loves to establish good rapport with her patients, getting to know them and their motivations. This helps her plan their treatment more effectively. She also considers it truly an honor when patients refer family or friends to her and considers it a reflection of the trust they have in her.

Dr Bridget Le Stonebridge

Dr. Bridget Le was born and raised in Dallas. She received her undergraduate degree at Southern Methodist University and her doctorate of dental surgery degree from Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry. Her passion for dentistry started at a young age when she went to her own routine dental and orthodontic appointments. She works daily to give her patients the same positive experiences she enjoyed.

Motivated by the goal of providing good oral health and her connection with patients, Dr. Le loves building beautiful smiles. Her ten years of experience and artistry of practice allow her to help patients find exactly the solutions they need for their best dental health.

Because she loves her work and love building beautiful smiles, Dr. Le brings her best to every patient. Nothing gives her more joy than seeing a patient leave the office with a new gleaming smile they are particularly proud of. Dr. Le creates lasting relationships and friendships with the people she serves. Getting to know patients on a personal level gives her satisfaction in her work.

Creative and Detailed Treatment

These highly trained professionals bring a great blend of expertise that benefits patients of all ages. They share experiences, perspectives and insights that result in the ability to meet the needs of all their patients quickly and creatively.

The latest technology allows these dentists to treat their patients not only with compassion but also with cutting-edge precision. They use small cameras about the size of a pen, called intraoral cameras, to help clearly see the condition of teeth and gums. This helps the dentist zoom in on small diseased areas, cracks, chips and worn metal fillings. The full-color images taken with the intraoral camera are sent to a computer screen and allow clear views and timely diagnosis of dental problems. Because images are displayed on screens in treatment rooms, patients can also see areas being worked on and gain a better understanding of dental procedures being performed.

Stonebridge Dental offers digital (paperless) dental records. Maintaining dental records electronically cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, provides more time interacting with patients and allows consistent charting methods that are accurate and precise. When needed, this method also allows quick and secure sharing of information with the patient’s other health care providers.

A Heart for Others

Each of these well-respected dentists serves their community through their work and through reaching out to the wider area. Dr. McMann’s role in the expansion of Stonebridge Dental with the creation of PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry brought the finest of dental care for the whole family under one roof. From little ones having their first appointment to teens coming in for orthodontic services to their parents and grandparents, every generation can find what they need. In fact, some patients who came to Dr. McMann as children are now bringing their children for dental services.

This compassionate leadership and dedication to the community led the Stonebridge Dental staff to serve by sponsoring four local elementary schools. They also support Teresa’s House, a location for exceptional and compassionate senior care and The Samaritan Inn, which provides housing for a number of vulnerable populations. The group volunteers at the area’s food pantry. Dr. McMann is also a member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

The dentists at Stonebridge Dental bring a wealth of expertise and caring to their practice. These Leading Women continue to improve their work and their community through generosity and compassion.


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