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Vanessa Cantu

Rockstars of Tomorrow Frisco

Vanessa Cantu Rockstars of Tomorrow Frisco
By Cheryl Ricer

Vanessa Cantu knows why she is a Leading Woman: “I take calculated risks, I’m resourceful, and I’m ready to learn.”

Plus, she’s a native Texan from Corpus Christi, which carries a lot of fuel, and she graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on media arts.

Being a risk taker has always placed Vanessa at the right place and the right time in her career, opening opportunities that she might have otherwise missed. It helped her to reach the top of her career in the television, commercial, and film industry at a very young age.

“My career and journey to success took many twists and turns,” said Vanessa. “I quickly learned that there is always a solution, making me very resourceful and the ‘go-to girl’ for many companies and bosses. My hunger and eagerness got me through many challenges and taught me to take life as it comes with open eyes and ears ready to learn.”

Those experiences prepared Vanessa to take the leap into what she loves and is passionate about in Rockstars of Tomorrow Music Academy. Rockstars of Tomorrow is a unique and highly successful approach to music education. Vanessa saw the passion, mentorship, guidance, individuality, and a strong supportive community that surrounded their students and wanted to bring it here. “We help kids find their voice, confidence, and identity through music.” Vanessa opened the first Rockstars of Tomorrow Music Academy in Texas, the first Rockstars to be opened away from the franchise beehive of Los Angeles California; being only the sixth school to open. Rockstars Frisco Texas has led the way for other Rockstars to open nationally.

“We are way more than just music lessons,” explained Vanessa. “Our methods focus on keeping our students motivated by teaching them about music through their favorite songs, goals, and much more —  basically everything that made them want to be musicians in the first place.”

Rockstars of Tomorrow students are introduced to live performance opportunities and artist development, all within the Rockstars performance theater and recording studio. Students continually grow through instruction in the music they love in the way that they love. They get to learn theory, stage presence, songwriting, and production. Their creative spaces are available to their students anytime outside of their lessons to continuously inspire them. They explore a variety of musical instruments, even their own voice, all under one roof.

“I’m proud to bring this level of student-driven/customized music education and real-life music experiences to our young aspiring musicians that is developing the next generation of musicians,” said Vanessa.

Students at Rockstars have access to professional degreed and highly professionally trained instructors and band coaches, both local and famous musicians, who contribute to student advancement.

“We take these kids as far as they want to go,” said Vanessa. “They start by gaining a strong foundation through their favorite songs. They can qualify into our elite performance program. We give them exposure and an opportunity to play real gigs that sometimes earns them money. The sky’s the limit.”


6363 Dallas Parkway
Suite 112
Frisco, Texas 75034

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