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Traci Schowmeyer

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Traci Schowmeyer Metroplex Headshots
BY Lacey Kupfer Wulf | photos by Kenny Richard Photography

Maybe you’re updating your business’s website. Perhaps you want to find a better job in your field. There are many reasons to get a high-quality headshot, but before you trust your relative or friend to take these photos for you, consider choosing a professional: Traci Schowmeyer at Metroplex Headshots.

Why Headshots Matter

There may be some who think that they don’t need a professional headshot or settle on an inferior headshot, but Traci points out that everyone has an online presence. Even if you don’t wear a suit and tie to work, people want to see you as a professional. In one instance, she worked with A/C repair providers, whose headshots are sent to customers prior to their visit.

Traci has taken shots for people from diverse walks of life, including retired military personnel, leaders of multimillion-dollar companies, non-profit workers, IT workers, missile designers, doctors, home repair teams — too many to list. “Everyone from students to CEOs should have one. Basically, if you work in a business and you have a head, you need a headshot,” Traci says.

Traci Schowmeyer Metroplex Headshots

Expertise Makes All the Difference

If you wanted a facelift, you wouldn’t ask a general physician to perform a procedure, would you? Sure, it may cost less to choose someone who is less experienced, but you just might get what you pay for. The same principle applies to headshot photography. You wouldn’t ask a general physician to perform a procedure if you wanted a facelift, would you? Sure, it might be cheaper to hire a less experienced photographer, but you might get what you pay for. Traci explains, “I do not do brides or babies. My specialty is headshots.”

Anybody with a camera or smartphone can take your picture, but do they know how to hold your shoulders and head in the most flattering way? Will they provide the most conducive lighting? Will they know how to capture your best facial expression? Traci took more than 1,400 headshots in 2023 alone in her studio and on location, not counting the ones taken at professional conferences. She is an expert at what she does.

In the Studio

Many photographers these days take their photos outside at dawn or dusk when natural lighting looks best. However, the wind and natural lighting may not always cooperate, making your photos look amateurish. Traci holds her sessions in her own studio, where she has complete control of the lighting and other conditions. She adds, “It gives the headshots a much more polished look.”

In addition, her studio allows her to do composite photos, where multiple people can be photoshopped together even though they were not together when the photo was taken. This option is particularly beneficial for teams where turnover or growth is a concern. People can easily be added or deleted without having to start all over for the team photo.

Unlike most photography studios, Traci’s has a small bar, where she and clients can have a relaxing drink and make a connection that evokes a more natural smile for the headshots.

A Lifelong Passion

Traci has been a photographer ever since the sixth grade, when she always held a disposable camera in her purse. She even served as the class photographer! Early in her career, she worked as a photographer for a trade magazine, but she stopped when she had her daughter. For a while, she tried doing family portraits but discovered her true passion in corporate headshots.

“It’s not a hobby for me,” Traci says, and as a result, she takes her craft seriously and has the best of the best equipment to provide top-quality headshots for her clientele.

Overcoming Stereotypes

Regrettably, similar to numerous other fields, the world of professional photography has long been dominated by men. While plenty of women have dabbled in family photography on the side, it’s a different story when it comes to being recognized and taken seriously as a full-time professional photographer. Traci had to continuously prove her worth and earn respect before finally achieving success in her business.

Now, she is eager to support and empower other female photographers who aspire to establish themselves in headshot photography as well. In fact, she is actively seeking to franchise her company and tailor it towards women-owned enterprises!

Delivering Results

A friend of Traci’s wanted to change industries and beefed up his LinkedIn profile with a photo he asked his daughter to take. He received no inquiries or messages from interested hiring companies. Finally, he had Traci take his headshot, and on the very first day, he had three people reach out to him.

Upon seeing the photos Traci took of her, one woman said they reflect how she wanted others to see her, that she looked confident and like she knew what she’s doing. “That’s who I am on the inside,” this client said. Traci adds, “Your headshot should look like you — just the best version of you with a professional polish.”

Traci Schowmeyer Metroplex Headshots

Providing an Enjoyable Experience

Not everyone likes having their picture taken. In fact, plenty of people feel anxious, shy, or awkward about their photo session. That’s when Traci simply has a conversation with them about what they love. “We have a good time,” she says. As they discuss their families, their passions, their successes, and funny stories, she captures their Duchenne smile — a genuine expression of joy and personality on their face.

Traci says, “I’ll get pictures when they’re not thinking about it or coming off a laugh. It’s not a forced smile.” As a result, a photo session that can take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours can fly by and end with several amazing photos to choose from.

Ultimately, if you’re a professional anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you should get your headshot done professionally with Traci.

“Your headshot should look like you — just the best version of you with a professional polish.”

Meet Tracy Schowmeyer:

  • Started professional photography in 1999
  • Southlake Style Reader’s Choice Award winner 2020–2024
  • Participated in 10,000 Headshots Day in June 2020
  • Adventure-seeker, fun, first one on the dancefloor

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