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Amber Gaige

Far Beyond Marketing

Amber Gaige Far Beyond Marketing
By Meredith Knight

Entrepreneurship is in Amber Gaige’s blood. Growing up, she watched her parents growing their family businesses, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Buckaroo Pest Protection, and Lawton Commercial Services. By 2006, she’d graduated from Baylor University and was ready to jump in, handling their marketing. For the next 10 years, Amber helped her family’s businesses grow and it wasn’t long before others in the home services & franchise industries were reaching out and asking for her guidance.

She did what any dynamic entrepreneur does. She established her own marketing firm, focused on demystifying marketing and business growth for entrepreneurs. “When you start your own business, you generally have experience in your one industry, but suddenly you’re a business owner and have to wear all the hats,” Amber said. “Your phone starts ringing with people offering to handle your marketing. But you don’t know where to spend your marketing dollars. Should you have in-house marketing or partner with an agency? And who can you trust to advise you?”

Over the next 15 years, Amber served as a marketing executive and consultant for businesses in diverse industries including home services, construction, SAAS, beauty, health, home building, legal and manufacturing. She works with companies ranging from startups to $100-million corporations and even a few Texas-based politicians providing brand strategy, website development, and lead generation services using the latest AI and data-science-driven tactics. She’s also one of only 700 certified Storybrand Guides globally.

“Random acts of marketing rarely work. Strategic plans do,” Amber said. “Let us create a comprehensive plan, execute it, and grow your business.” In 2018, Amber sold her first lead-generation service, The 5-Star-rated Guidebooks which distributed 2.5 million guidebooks across the US. But even while her heart is drawn toward helping her fellow entrepreneurs achieve their sales goals through effective marketing, it was pulled even harder in another direction.

“I realized it was time to stay home and be a mom,” she said.” I was handling the marketing for a company with 85 subsidiaries in 10 states, and traveling a lot so I decided to relaunch my marketing consultancy in McKinney so I could stay home with my son, homeschool him two days a week, and still be available to assure business owners aren’t taken advantage of. With a dynamic team of eight, I’m able to be effective for my clients and still be at home with my son. Far Beyond Marketing is about employing strategic tactics, utilizing best-in-class data science, and choosing the right tools to attract the right customers—because just marketing your business isn’t enough.

Amber is a seventh-generation McKinney resident and author of a marketing guidebook, “The Far Beyond Marketing Guidebook: How to Stop Being Duped by Ineffective Marketing” due out April 19. She’s also authored a Bible study, “Walking by Faith, Even When it Hurts.” Amber loves to cook, read, serve at church, and spend time with her husband and son at their ranch in Central Texas, hunting, fishing, and hanging with their dogs.