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Janine Hopkins, MD and DiAnne Davis, MD

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Janine Hopkins, MD DiAnne Davis, MD Hopkins Dermatology

Buzzwords like “transformational” rarely prove themselves in tangible changes, but at Hopkins Dermatology, what’s rare in other settings is the standard of care. From life-saving skin cancer treatments to the ability to pigment skin for those with vitiligo, the Southlake team transforms the way clients look and feel. Hopkins Dermatology also offers non-surgical blepharoplasty, wields tools to stimulate new hair growth, and combines protocols for acne and acne scar treatments for all skin tones. The clinic was also the first in Texas to offer a minimally invasive Fotona EndoTight treatment for non-surgical skin tightening and remains on the cutting edge of advancements in the field. Results, however, are more than skin deep.

A growing community trusts the office to treat and rejuvenate their bodies, from head to toe. It’s easy to see why. For issues ranging from psoriasis and alopecia areata to atopic dermatitis, the emotional impact of treatment cannot be overstated. Founder and board certified dermatologist Dr. Janine Hopkins not only strives to provide care based on the latest science and technology in dermatology, but she does so while prioritizing human empathy.

With 28 years as a physician under her belt in Louisiana, Dr. Hopkins established her Texas clinic in 2001, providing state-of-the-art care focused on full facial restorations with complementary treatments for the neck and body. Dr. Hopkins is in the top 1% of dermatology practices in the U.S. offering an advanced, non-surgical cure for skin cancers through image-guided superficial radiotherapy.

To keep up with a growing clientele, Dr. Hopkins invited Dr. DiAnne Davis, a board certified dermatologist and fellow trailblazer in the field, to join her practice.

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“Dr. Davis brings a lot to the table,” said Dr. Hopkins. “We got to know each other over the last three years because we were both lecturers at a lot of national and international medical meetings.” Last summer, both women spoke in Lisbon, Portugal, where Dr. Hopkins taught advanced filler techniques, and Dr. Davis taught about acne scarring.

Educated across the American South as well as in Utah and Washington D.C., Dr. Davis offers advanced treatments focusing on acne scarring. The specialty is personal. Suffering from acne as an adult allowed Dr. Davis to learn first-hand how quickly confidence could plummet due to unwanted skin changes. “As a woman of color, I hyperpigment and have lasting scars,” she told us. Today, she offers proven treatments for those with melanin-rich skin and those with less melanin, boosting results by combining techniques in painless, quick treatments.

“One approach is a full acne scar surgery. I combine chemical peels, lasers, and a technique called subcision, where we go underneath the skin to release some of the acne scar bands. I do that all in one day. All three together provide synergy and enhance treatment,” she said.

For Hopkins Dermatology, transformations truly appear daily.


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