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If you have untreated hearing loss, Cassandra Wilson, AuD wants you to know today may be the best day of your hearing from here forward. If left untreated, hearing loss will most likely be worse tomorrow and still worse, the day after that. “Hearing loss is typically progressive,” she said. “Whether it’s due to aging, noise exposure, or both, the sooner you address the problem, the more hearing you’re likely to maintain.”

“When left untreated, the side effects of hearing loss are physical, mental, and social,” Dr. Wilson said. “When your hearing organ and your hearing nerve acquire permanent damage, it’s as if they’re relaying a broken signal up to your brain. That causes a delay in ‘putting the puzzle together.’ It looks to others like you didn’t hear or are ignoring them. It can even look and feel like you have dementia.”

Now for the good news. Hearing Services of McKinney offers the latest, high-tech solutions to address your hearing loss and get you back in the game in your career and in your personal life. “People make many choices in order to ensure their happiness,” Dr. Wilson said. “Yet, they often leave hearing loss untreated for years, chipping away at their quality of life and relationships. We have a highly trained staff and the latest in hearing technologies to help you return to enjoying life to the fullest — at any age.”


4201 Medical Center Drive, Suite 270
McKinney, Texas 75069
(972) 838-1300

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