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Best Acupuncture in Memorial

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Best Acupuncture in Memorial

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A confident acupuncturist, Edward Wong previously worked in oncology. He helped to lessen the side effects of and rehabilitate patients from chemotherapy and radiation. With 16 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine, he’s sanguine about healing.

“There are surgery alternatives,” he told us. “I treat many cases where you can avoid surgery if you do the acupuncture and herbal formulas together.”

GJ Wellness specializes in both acupuncture and rehab. Herbal consultations and vitamin consultations are also offered. As a master herbalist, each formula Wong uses is based on thousand-year-old texts. Called “classical formulas,” they have not changed for thousands of years, and often cost less than acupuncture.

For those who elect acupuncture, Wong designates sanctuary-like, private treatment rooms rather than community rooms, so his patients can feel at ease.

Other modalities at GJ Wellness include diet consultations, cupping, tuina (acupressure,) gua sha, tai chi, and Qi Gong.

What is Qi Gong, exactly? Simply put, Qi Gong involves simple movements used with breathing techniques to heal and strengthen the body. Qi Gong is the foundation to acupuncture. In much the same way that acupuncture manipulates energy to heal, Qi Gong also does the same. A 40+ year practitioner of the art, Wong said many hold the technique quite dear, even secretively. Wong, however, is more open in sharing with his students. “My goal is to help people,” said Wong, who offers free acupuncture consultations.

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