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Starlite Dental Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS
Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS
BY Sandy Lowe | photos by Amber Boykin Photography

Starlite Dental is North Texas’s leading dental office that specialized in seeing patients with dental Anxiety. Dr. Jaiswal is the no Anxiety dentist and her passion is in seeing and treating patients who have fear of going to the dentist. Through years of experience and through their no Anxiety setup, Starlite Dental has successfully treated patients, helped ease their anxiety, and enabled them to receive dental care without fear.

Starlite Dental Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS

Dr. Jaiswal earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, Virginia. She has a dental degree from India as well, so she holds dual training credentials. She also undertook a two-year fellowship on dental implants in India, where she studied every aspect of dental implant placement and restoration.

Every year, she completes over 200 hours of continuing education to stay up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and advancements in dentistry so that she can bring cutting-edge dentistry to her patients. She has recently received her fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, an institution that recognizes doctors for their skills and expertise in placing dental implants. This recognition is earned by less than 5% of dentists in the country. She is also pursuing an accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Jaiswal is the first dentist in the DFW area to place multiple implants using the Hiossen guided surgery. This process helps dentists visualize and plan implants for a patient’s dental anatomy with a high level of accuracy. She has started a nonprofit Facebook page called “Ask A Dentist” to help achieve her goal of increasing awareness about dental health and wellness.

Dr. Jaiswal’s goal is to make dentistry painless, quick, efficient, affordable, and stress-free. Her long-standing team comes with extensive experience, and they offer comforting amenities, a complete dental service menu, easy dental financing, and more.

The office treats patients of all ages and gives special attention to the littlest patients. Membership in the Kids Club brings some fun to the experience for children who may have some concern about a visit to the dentist. At age five, each member receives a special birthday gift and message from Dr. Jaiswal. The office also offers scholarships to graduating students in the community to help them with their educational goals. The sense of community is strong in the team and is evident with the free dentistry days, school, and other community volunteer activities the whole office participates in.

Dr. Jaiswal’s treatment philosophy is based on comprehensive dental care, and Starlite Dental has the best equipment and technology to give their patients the best care.

The MouthWatch™ intraoral camera fits easily into the mouth and allows you to see your teeth in real view. Dr. Jaiswal believes in tell-show-do. She takes time to address patients’ concerns. Instant display on a nearby monitor allows patients to see their own smile from the dentist’s point of view.

Starlite Dental Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS

Starlite Dental also offers digital X-ray technology instead of traditional film. Compared to traditional film-based X-rays, digital X-rays create images in much less time and don’t require toxic chemicals to be developed. They even cut down on radiation exposure by up to 90%, making the images faster and safer than before. Digital X-ray images can be displayed on a nearby monitor for patients to go over with Dr. Jaiswal.

The state-of-the-art CT/Cone Beam Scanner is used when the team needs a little more information about a patient’s dental anatomy than a regular X-ray can show. This device creates fully 3D X-ray image of the teeth, gums, and surrounding oral structures, allowing a view of the patient’s entire mouth all at once. With this image, the team can formulate extremely personalized treatment plans for more involved procedures like root canals and dental implant placement.

Tek-scan allows the Starlite team to fine tune bite and TMJ in their patients. Very few practices in the DFW area offer this technology.

Core values are essential aspect of the Starlite team, and they all embody the C.A.R.E. philosophy. Its principles guide the team in always listening to patients, making them feel valued, and providing exceptional dental care that is specially tailored to patients’ needs. At Starlite’s McKinney office, you’ll experience C.A.R.E. in every aspect of your visit.

Patients are encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns to help them best understand their oral health and treatment recommendations.

Dr. Jaiswal and her team understand that dentistry can be expensive, and they make every effort to assist their patients and help with costs. Numerous payment options are available. The staff will work with patients to determine exactly what insurance will cover and file claims. The CareCredit and other programs can help patients break costs into small, manageable monthly payments. For patients without insurance, Starlite Dental’s in-house dental savings plan can offer many of the same benefits of traditional insurance.

Starlite Dental’s kid’s gaming area is designed to help little ones enjoy their dental visits. Overhead televisions allow patients to stream Netflix and other channels while getting dental work done. Noise-cancelling headphones can be used while getting work done. Warm towels, lip balm, and sunglasses add an extra layer of comfort which patients love.

Dr. Jaiswal sees patients from all around the DFW area and some patients fly from out of town to see her as well. The office also has a stellar rating on Google.

Dr. Jaiswal believes in perfection when it comes to her patients and has constantly worked towards providing that with a level of warmth and genuine love in her dentistry. For that reason, she is loved by her patients and her team.

Starlite Dental shines bright in their ability to care.


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