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Michael C. Bank, DC
BY Meredith Knight

Dr. Michael C Bank believes an informed patient is a healthier patient. At his Back 2 Wellness Chiropractic practice, he empowers patients to take their best health into their own hands. Dr. Bank was first exposed to the idea of chiropractic care when he worked as a school athletic trainer alongside the team doctor who was a chiropractor. “He invited me work with him over the summer,” Dr. Bank said. “I saw people come in hurt and leave happy. But it wasn’t until I was injured myself, separating a rib from my spine which caused excruciating pain, that I had my first adjustment.” With the relief that adjustment provided came a realization—chiropractic was what Michael wanted to do with his life.

In this day of big-box corporate medical practices where it’s easy to feel overlooked or like a condition rather than a whole person, Dr. Bank and his team offer know-you-by-name care and leading-edge chiropractic science within a medical home where patients play an active part of their own care.

With a special interest in sports medicine, Dr. Michael Bank says his favorite part of the job is getting to know his patients, taking his time to really listen, educate, advise, and offer them a healthcare partner on their wellness journey. Here’s what some of those patients wrote in five-star online reviews.

“I truly believe Dr. Banks has kept me off the surgical table. I come in once a week for e-stem, adjustment, and decompression. My herniated disk has shown almost complete healing on my most recent MRI.”

– Kristin H.

“Dr. Banks takes detailed notes, spends the time to explain his adjustments, treatment plan, whatever you may need. No one makes spinal manipulations as consistent and thorough. I left my appointment thinking, ‘”Oh, wow! This must be what it’s like to have a normal, healthy back.”

– Patrick S.

“Dr. Bank is awesome and very knowledgeable. Staff is nothing short of amazing! Best chiro in the metroplex for sure!!”

– Sarah E.

“I want to do everything humanly possible to make my patients feel better and allow them to live life to the fullest,” Dr. Banks said. “I’m blessed with a team who shares that vision. I’m also blessed that team includes my wife, two sisters-in-law, and a staff that’s become like family to me. They make the office warm and welcoming and take the same obsessive approach I do in making sure our patients get well and enjoy an amazing chiropractic experience,” he said.

After completing his bachelors and masters degrees, Dr. Banks earned his doctorate in chiropractic and post graduate certification in brain traumatology and whiplash injuries from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. When not on the job, he enjoys working out, spending time with his family, and volunteering as a YMCA coach. Fine out more at BankChiropractic.com


8011 South Cooper Street
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