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Rockwall Oral Surgery Kevin Pollock, DDS, MS
Kevin Pollock, DDS, MS

Established in 2001, Rockwall Oral Surgery is the locally owned practice of board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Kevin Pollock. Serving the community of Rockwall for more than 20 years, Dr. Pollock has earned the trust of his patients and is proud to be known as a top oral surgeon who has been voted “Best Of” in Rockwall for the past nine years.

As a board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Pollock is an expert at wisdom tooth removal and the placement of dental implants. He has completed extensive training beyond dental school, including surgical residencies and anesthesia training. Dr. Pollock can administer IV anesthesia and is a specialist in pain management, allowing wisdom tooth removal to be safer and more comfortable for the patient.

In addition to his license in administering anesthesia, Dr. Pollock performs surgery in his own facility specifically built for safety, comfort, and the special needs of oral surgery.

Many of the surgical cases at Rockwall Oral Surgery are planned using the advanced technology of a 3D scanner. “Dental implant placement is done with precision — no guessing, no hoping that things will turn out right. We know ahead of time, every time,” said Dr. Pollock.

The third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, typically emerge between the ages of 17-25. Wisdom tooth removal by a board-certified oral surgeon is firmly supported by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Without the removal of third molars, complications of developing cysts, tumors, and damage to adjacent teeth are not high, however, removing wisdom teeth preserves orthodontic treatment, protects healthy teeth, and can prevent dental crowding.

Dr. Pollock provides Exparel, an injectable, non-opioid pain-management option given post-surgery to make recovery as safe and comfortable as possible. This long-lasting medication not only helps to reduce pain at the time of surgery, but also provides pain control for the first few days after surgery. Patients who receive Exparel commonly only need over-the-counter pain medicines for the duration of their recovery.

Rockwall Oral Surgery is home to One Day Smile, commonly referred to as teeth-in-a-day. One Day Smile is the modern solution for replacing all missing or failing teeth. This efficient treatment option uses dental implants to give patients stable, permanent replacement teeth in a single day. Rockwall Oral Surgery teams with the patient and their general dentist to not only restore the patient’s smile, but also their confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Pollock spends time with each patient to review medical history, address concerns, and is available to his patients during and after the procedure. Because of this personalized approach, Rockwall Oral Surgery consistently receives five-star Google reviews from patients.

Kevin Pollock and his wife, Tera, have called Rockwall home for over 20 years. Tera Pollock is a general dentist who limits her practice to children’s dentistry at Rowlett Dental Kids.

“Dental implant placement is done with precision — no guessing, no hoping that things will turn out right. We know ahead of time, every time.”


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