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Body Fit Training in Flower Mound

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After a few workouts at Body Fit Training in
Flower Mound, Ray took to Google reviews to spread the word about this
science-based training. “After taking a free demo class I was hooked!,” he
wrote. “Whether you’re a beginner to fitness or looking for a supplement to
an existing routine, BFT will have you covered. All of the staff members do a
fantastic job during class with motivation and form correction. Thanks for
always leading such great workouts!”

A New

What Ray found at Body Fit Training in Flower
Mound was much more than strength training, conditioning, and nutrition. He
found a new start. Within the walls of this dynamic new fitness facility, Ray
met and connected with like-minded Flower Mound neighbors aspiring to make
and maintain healthy habits. Together they discovered Body Fit’s unique
strength and conditioning programs designed to bring results-driven personal
training principles into the exciting group training atmosphere. They
embraced Body Fit’s proprietary system of science-backed and progressive
workouts designed to build lean muscle and melt away fat.

Body Fit Training in Flower Mound

Body Fit Training was begun with the goal of
bringing results-driven personal training principles into the energizing
atmosphere of group training. Created in Australia by Cameron Falloon, a
strength and conditioning coach, it has grown to over 250 studios throughout
Australia and New Zealand with studios popping up all over the world. Body
Fit Training is a part of the fitness company that also franchises Pure
Barre, Club Pilates, Yoga Six, Stretch Lab. They’re an established worldwide
franchise with proven success in the fitness industry. “Our passion for
fitness motivated us to bring this accessible, science-backed fitness
programming to our community,” said local Owner/Operator Preston Werner, a
20-year Flower Mound resident. “It not just for elite athletes. It’s for
anyone, at any fitness level.” The onslaught of five-star reviews bares
witness to their success in doing just that.

to Any Fitness Level

Body Fit Training coaches are all certified
personal trainers who are highly qualified to provide technical feedback and
encouragement throughout their classes. Classes consist of 30 plus members,
but they feature an intimate one coach to 12 member ratio, ensuring
high-quality, personal coaching. The progressive programming changes every
eight to 12 weeks to keep things interesting and challenging and is adaptable
to all fitness levels—from the absolute beginner to elite

Scott had this to say, “The workouts feel
very goal-oriented and focused each day, and my experience with the coaches
have all been positive. They do a phenomenal job of pushing you to do your
best and adjusting workouts based on individual needs and fitness

Body Fit Training in Flower Mound

for Everyone

No matter your age, size, or fitness level,
there’s a Body Fit Training class for you. Whether you’re working your way
back from an injury, working off post-pregnancy weight, or over a certain
age, there’s a class for you. Mala was blown away by the exceptional care
offered to beginners. “Their approach is patient and supportive, ensuring
newcomers feel welcomed and guided. The community, from instructors to
members, exudes warmth, making it an ideal place for those starting their
journey. Their blend of expertise with genuine care is truly


Wherever you are in your own fitness journey
as you begin this new year, your time at Body Fit Training in Flower Mound is
designed to move you through the program toward your specific fitness goals.
Highly skilled and accredited trainers partner with you and ensure you never
stagnate or plateau, but continue to progress. And the atmosphere is very
beginner-friendly. Leena had this to say, “I’ve trained many places and this
is top notch! Everyone is so friendly and they really make you feel like a
family member. Trainers make sure you do every exercise

Science-Based Personal Training

Throughout your Body Fit workout, their
proprietary heart rate monitor system called BFT ^3 will tracks your heart
rate to assure you’re staying in the correct heart rate zone for each
exercise. During each workout, you’ll receive a PXI (performance X intensity)
score. This score lets you know how well you performed with respect to the
class’s established training modality. At the end of each workout, you’ll
receive a detailed report to your BFT app that explains your performance.
It’s not just exercising. It’s true training.

Body Fit Training in Flower Mound

Power of

At Body Fit Training, you’ll find 13
different class types which have been carefully curated in a scientific and
progressive nature based on a principle called the Power of Three. Each week,
your workouts will activate all three muscle fiber types, work through all
three planes of movement, and stress all three energy systems. By programming
with the Power of Three in mind, Body Fit Training ensures you train every
part of your body for the best fitness results.

What Are
You Waiting For?

For Scott, that made all the difference. “BFT
is building my confidence, my health, my energy, my self-esteem, and most of
all helping me to repurpose my place in this world. I’ve gained so much from
them in a short time, that I now, for the first time in my life, schedule my
life around my workouts with BFT. I’ve lost four inches in my waste so far
and gained a lot of muscle as a result of their strong emphasis on proper
techniques. I plan on continuing with them for the duration.”

Visit BodyfitTraining.com/Location/Flower-Mound
to begin your own fitness success story.


5891 Long
Prairie Road, Suite 100

Flower Mound, Texas 75028

(254) 261-6667
| BodyfitTraining.com

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