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How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Washing your hair daily can be hard on hair, not just because of the actual washing but also because of everything we do to the hair that follows. We recommend washing your hair at most every other day. As far as shampooing your hair, our golden rule is if it’s been more than 24 hours since your last hair wash, simply shampoo, rinse. and repeat. Your hair will be more manageable, and your scalp, happier. For daily washers, one shampoo is sufficient. If you need advice on how to train your hair to go longer in between washes, we’ve got you covered there.

Will My Hair Accept Color Better If It’s Dirty?

For the best results with any hair color service, it’s essential that your hair is clean but not freshly washed. It’s confusing, I know. Clean hair allows for better color saturation and clarity, which is essential when using hair color or lightener (bleach). However, we’re applying chemicals directly to your scalp, and it’s important to avoid freshly washed hair as this can increase the chances of scalp irritation due to open pores or abrasions. Ideally, you should wash your hair the night before a color appointment.

What Should I Bring To An Appointment When Seeing A New Stylist Or Wanting To Change My Hairstyle?

We encourage our guests to do homework before their reservation. Whether it’s a Pinterest board or some photos on your phone, we love it when you share your inspiration with us. Don’t worry about whether you think your hair will work with the style; we can navigate through that with you. Knowing your previous color history is also vital for us to know when you are a new color guest. How long has it been since your hair was color treated, and what color was used? If the old color has not been cut off, it still lives within the hair, which can significantly impact how your hair responds to the new color.

What’s The Real Difference Between Consumer-Grade And Professional Products?

Professional-grade products offer much higher-quality formulations and ingredients, along with superior performance. Couple this with the fact that they’re also much more concentrated than their consumer-grade counterpart, requiring you to need far less of the product; they’re a much better investment overall. Especially when recommended by the person who knows your hair best; your stylist, who’ll guide you on best practices when using pro products.

What About Fees?

We’ve all found ourselves in places where the final total comes as a surprise. We don’t ever want that to happen to our guests. At Swish, we understand the importance of respecting our guests’ beauty budgets. We ensure you know the cost of the initial service and the maintenance needed to keep it looking beautiful before your services start.

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Kerry Parish-Campbell
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Kerry grew up in England, and after finishing school at 16, went directly into extensive training as a stylist. A few years later, an English salon owner in Plano offered her a position, which brought
her to the U.S. She later opened Swish Salon and now employs seven stylists.

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