Why Regular Hearing Tests Are Essential

Rebecca Gomer, AuD | Gomer Hearing Center
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How Often Should I Have My Hearing Tested?

The general rule of thumb is that by age 50, everyone should have a baseline hearing test. We recommend having an annual hearing test, especially if you have something like kidney disease or you’re undergoing a treatment involving toxicity to the ears. We’ll track your hearing for the first couple of years, and if there are no changes, you don’t need to schedule annual tests. There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for a hearing test. We’ll do everything here. Just try not to listen to loud music before you come in. It’s easy to book an appointment at GomerHearing.com. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

What’s The Difference Between Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids And Prescription Hearing Aids?

Over-the-counter hearing aids are like the reading glasses you can buy at the pharmacy. Just like you can pick out readers, you can choose hearing aids and treat your own hearing loss. Prescription hearing aids, on the other hand, require a doctor’s visit, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment plan to find the right device for you. We set up your hearing aids for you and teach you how to use them. We’re here with you for the long haul. I’m not against over-the-counter hearing aids. However, I encourage people to get a hearing test to determine if there’s a medical reason for their hearing loss.

Can People Tell I’m Wearing Hearing Aids? I Want Something Small That People Can’t See.

That’s understandable. I hear this often from our patients. Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ll help you find the right size that fits your lifestyle. An audiologist will go over a treatment plan and help you determine the best option for you. We base it on budget, lifestyle, and hearing loss. We take these factors into consideration to help people make the best choice for them.

Why Am I Losing My Hearing?

Hearing loss can happen for many different reasons. There may be genetic issues at play, or hearing loss may be due to occupational or lifestyle factors. Certain medications like chemotherapy and radiation can also cause hearing loss.

I Hear A Ringing In My Ears. Could It Be Tinnitus? Will It Ever Go Away?

This is a very common symptom. It’s not the root issue. Anytime someone hears a ringing or noise, we want them to get a hearing test done. We want to determine if it’s hearing-loss related. It could be medication-related tinnitus. About 80% of people with tinnitus have some form of hearing change. If we can treat that hearing change, most people find relief from tinnitus. It’s very common, and I want people to know there’s help.

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Rebecca Gomer, AuD Gomer Hearing Center
Rebecca Gomer, AuD
Gomer Hearing Center

For more than 20 years, Dr. Gomer has been committed to helping people improve their relationships and lives through better hearing. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, a founding member and now lifetime member of the Texas Academy of Audiology, and a founding member of the Dallas Audiology Society.

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