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Eva Wolf Offers Clients Her Award-Winning Service and Sales Experience


Eva Wolf

By Cheryl Ricer | Photos by Karina Eremina at Joy of the Moment

Eva Wolf, a real estate agent with REMAX ONE,
The Woodlands & Spring, has been in the real estate industry for
close to 10 years, and a lifetime of sales experience has cultivated her
skill set into an award-winning equation for helping clients buy and sell
homes and commercial properties. While several elements contribute to her
success in the industry, a few are outstanding: her work ethic, her passion
for veterans, her commitment to clients, and her commitment to continuing

Eva grew up
in the Oak Hill neighborhood in Austin, where she began what would eventually
become a career in sales at the ripe old age of 12.

“I come from
a family with five children,” said Eva, “and we were known as ‘the weird
kids’ back then because we were one of the first families anywhere to be
homeschooled. Even more, we had to work to help support our family. All five
of us kids sold firewood door to door. Each one of us earned $1 for every
load we sold. We didn’t want to go out in the neighborhood in front of the
other kids pushing the wagon my dad had made. There were times the money we
made was how we went out and had dinner.”

This humble
beginning helped shape Eva’s work ethic. Plus, she witnessed the devotion to
family and hard work that her mother modeled every day. Her mom not only
taught piano and violin lessons six days a week, but also was able to
purchase a ranch where Dad and all five children went every day to cut, haul,
load, and bundle the firewood that the kids would sell.

“I learned
to cold call from the phone book as a kid,” recalls Eva, “in order to get
piano students for my mother. To this day, I am not afraid of cold calling. These
are the experiences that have shaped my entire life and the reasons that I
have experienced success in all my endeavors. I have gained perspective that
allows me to appreciate every little thing, all the

award-winning real estate career was propelled by these experiences. While
she has won multiple awards for her record sales in both residential and
builder transactions, last year she achieved the REMAX 100% Club Award. Club
Awards recognize the preparation, effort, performance, and commitment
essential to real estate success. Though the awards are based on gross
commission earnings, their true measure goes far beyond dollar amounts. As
agents reach higher milestones, their impact grows alongside their income.

“The Club
Award is a milestone I am very proud of,” said Eva. “Because of where I
started, I am happy to sell a $150,000 house or a $1.5 million house. I
celebrate every contract I get and am joyful with every client’s successful
transaction, whether it’s a million-dollar deal or a $2,500 lease. My family
couldn’t afford air conditioning or heating when I was growing up. I know how
wonderful it is to have a roof over your head and four walls to protect

Eva has
grown her impact in the industry through her association with Homes for
Heroes, an organization whose mission is to provide extraordinary savings to
heroes — including military, firefighters and EMS, law enforcement, medical
professionals, and teachers — who provide extraordinary services to our
nation and its communities every day.

“My husband
served in the Navy,” said Eva, “and so, I am a part of Homes for Heroes and I
give back part of my commission in the form of a rebate that is given back to
these heroes every time they buy or sell a home. Nothing gives me greater joy
that helping our local heroes save money whether they are buying or selling a
home. I even have a big billboard at FM 2978 that says, ‘Are you a hero?’ I
want to share my success with everyone who has given of themselves to make
our community a stronger, safer, better place to

service is Eva’s strong suit. Whether you need to reach her by phone or
borrow her furniture for staging the sale of your home, she’s there for you.
While many professionals defer communication to answering services or
complete silence, Eva happily answers every call. If she is with another
client, you’ll receive a text and a call-back as soon as she is free — no
matter the day or time. For this reason, Eva’s clients trust her and have
become friends. In an environment where distance is pervasive, she remains
approachable and close.

professionals have somehow become so unavailable,” she said, “and from my own
personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating, especially when it’s
as important as buying or selling your home. I answer my phone and return
calls, 100%. My clients are my friends to this day … every one of them.”

The proof is
in the pudding. Not only is she available, but Eva also goes the extra mile.
When a client needs help staging a home to sell, she steps up.

“At this
very moment,” she said, “my home is a bit empty because some of my furniture
and accessories are in one of my client’s homes. They needed help with
staging the home to show, so I am happy to share anything I have at my
disposal to facilitate a faster sale.”

For clients
who have already relocated or who might be traveling, Eva steps in for any
emergencies. One such instance occurred when an out-of-town client incurred
damage to the roof. She made sure the roofing contractor was able to gain
necessary access in order to make the required repairs. As a result, the home
showed beautifully with no interruption to the schedule.

abreast of ever-changing real estate laws is a must, and no one is more
conscientious than Eva.

“It’s easy
to get behind on the current laws,” she said, “and then the clients are the
ones who pay. There are many opportunities for agents to keep up with their
education. They just need to take the time to do

More than
anything, Eva’s faith and volunteer work grounds her and connects her to her
clients and community. Contact Eva at [email protected].

(281) 898-0334


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