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The whole Robinson family had orthodontic treatment with Dr.
Dr Buchanan
and her patients.
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Dr. Jennifer Buchanan takes many things into
account when developing a plan for one of her orthodontic patients, but age
is rarely one of them. “Orthodontic treatment can be as successful for adults
as it is for children and adolescents,” she said. “In fact, statistically in
the U.S., one in three orthodontic patients is an adult.” Dr. Buchanan has
patients in almost every age group, from seven-year-olds coming in for their
first evaluation (as recommended by the American Association of
Orthodontists) to 30 and 40-somethings who had braces as kids but weren’t
diligent about wearing their retainers to those in their 60s, 70s, and 80s
who perhaps never had braces but want to correct their misaligned teeth for
cosmetic as well as health reasons.

“Whether you’re eight or 80, it’s the same
physiological process that moves teeth,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Teeth move in
response to forces being placed on them over time. Orthodontic problems can
be corrected as easily for adults as they can for kids because of the
advanced technologies used in my office.” It’s not all about aesthetics
either. Teeth that don’t align are harder to keep clean which can lead to
tooth decay and gum disease, both of which have been linked to heart disease,
dementia, cancer, and other serious health conditions.


79-year-old Kermit Ross gets a kick out of
meeting young kids in braces and pointing out the braces on his own teeth. In
fact, it’s something he has in common with his grandson. “I grew up in a
small town in rural Indiana,” he said. “And though an orthodontist told my
mom I should have treatment, it just wasn’t in the family budget.” Instead,
Kermit resigned himself to having crooked teeth throughout his adult life.

From time to time, he’d revisit the idea of
orthodontics, but with a job that saw him frequently relocating, the time
never seemed right. Finally retired and living in Plano, Kermit took the
advice of his general dentist who told him straightening his teeth would make
it easier to keep them healthy. “He recommended Dr. Buchanan because of the
advanced technologies used in her office,” Kermit said. “She took X-rays of
my teeth and head and even showed me 3D images of the way my smile would look
after treatment.”

Advanced Damon Insignia Customized Braces
allowed Dr. Buchanan to completely customize treatment for Kermit and, while
getting braces when he was a boy may have required tooth extraction, jaw
surgery, expanders, Herbst appliances, or headgear, the new Damon technology
is realigning his teeth without any of that. They’re much gentler and will be
less noticeable as he heads back to Indiana for his high school reunion next

“Now through the end of
August, Dr. Buchanan is accepting used clothing and shoes — in any condition
— for her Shoes for Smiles campaign. Since 2014, the program has recycled
over 40,000 pounds of shoes and clothing. With the profits, over 1,000 pairs
of shoes have been purchased for local kids of the Boys & Girls Clubs
of Collin County to begin the new school year.

Find out more at McKinneyBraces.com.


At 60, Beverly Vucekovich was unhappy with
her smile. “Everything seemed to narrow as I aged,” she said. “When I looked
at pictures of myself, suddenly I couldn’t see my teeth. It’s like my smile
was collapsing.” Beverly actually had braces as a child. In fact, she had
them twice. What she didn’t realize was that she also had a tongue tie which
was causing her tongue to thrust forward and make her teeth

As she began preparing for her son’s wedding,
she decided to consult Dr. Buchanan. “I went in thinking about aligners, but
ultimately decided to go with the Damon Customized Insignia Braces,” Beverly
said. “Dr. Buchanan also diagnosed the tongue tie which was corrected.”
Beverly is thrilled with her new smile. “It changed the whole shape of my
mouth,” she said. “I was starting to lose my smile, but Damon Braces widened
my smile back up and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


When it came time for Ellie Fleitz’s parents
to choose an orthodontist for her, they didn’t think twice. “We’d had a great
experience with Dr. Buchanan treating our older daughter,” said Ellie’s mom,
Lidija. “We loved the idea of the Damon braces with no extractions or
expanders. The office is upbeat and inviting, and we love the open floor plan
where we can see Ellie the whole time she’s being treated. Dr. Buchanan is
kind and thorough and always explains everything in a way Ellie and I can
both understand. We’re looking forward to another beautiful smile in the

Braces at
Any Age

Just as we start seeing gray hair and
wrinkles, most of us will also see our smiles narrow and collapse. Damon
Braces and Spark Aligners can help with breathing issues by opening up
collapsing airways as we age as well as serve as an instant facelift, returning
your smile and jawline to a more youthful appearance. Properly aligned teeth
are less likely to wear and break and are much easier to keep clean and

Dr. Buchanan makes treatment more accessible
for everyone by offering early morning and evening appointments. And advanced
technology — either in Damon Braces or Spark Clear Tooth Aligners — means
fewer office visits and shorter overall treatment time. Patients of Dr.
Buchanan are serving the community since a portion of all treatment fees go
toward paying off mortgages for wounded veterans in our area.

Find out more at McKinneyBraces.com.


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