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Welcome Dr. Jordan Shapiro
Richard LaCamera | Dharmendra Verma, MD | Dr. Jordan Shapiro
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What does the perfect doctor/patient
interaction look like to you? How about this? Rather than rushing you through
a visit, your doctor takes time to really listen to you and your concerns.
They explain in clear, concise language any treatment they’re recommending
and make sure all your questions are answered. The care they recommend is
holistic, taking into account your diet, exercise habits, stress level, and
lifestyle preferences. While this healthcare professional is well versed in
medications and pharmaceuticals, they view them as a last resort, not the
end-all-be-all of care. While they leave no stone unturned in their
diagnosis, they also respect your time and commitments. Their “bedside
manner” puts you at ease and elicits trust in their recommendations. Lastly,
this caring provider possesses a breadth and depth of knowledge to offer you
the best care available. Dozens of five-star online reviews describe the
doctors of Gastro Health & Nutrition-Katy in just such terms. 

Founding Physician Dr. Dharmendra Verma
explained, “Everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life. We believe
that by helping people identify, treat, and manage their digestive
irregularities, we can enable them to enjoy incredible life experiences that
may not have otherwise been possible.” 

Dr. Richard LaCamera agreed. “Optimal health
begins with a healthy gut and balanced nutrition. We strive to offer our
patients optimal wellness through disease prevention, management, and
optimizing their overall health.”

As they’ve offered this comprehensive and
holistic gastrointestinal and nutritional care to their Katy neighbors, the
Gastro Health & Nutrition-Katy practice has steadily grown and the
patient base has expanded. They’re now happy to welcome Dr. Jordan Shapiro to
the team. “We’re thrilled to have found Dr. Shapiro who shares our
patient-first philosophy and belief in a holistic-health model,” Dr. Verma
said. “He has a wonderful rapport with our patients and is someone I’d
absolutely trust with my own family’s care.”

Importance of Gut Health

It’s not a coincidence that Drs. Verma,
LaCamera, and Shapiro concentrate their practice of medicine on the
gastrointestinal tract. “Your overall health is dependent upon the ability of
your gut to properly function,” Dr. LaCamera said. “Your gut is responsible
for breaking down the food you eat and processing it into vitamins, minerals,
and other essential nutrients needed to help fuel your entire body. Your gut
aims to keep functions such as hormone balance, energy production, and
expulsion of toxins as regulated as possible. Our aim is to educate our
patients and partner with them to keep their gut—and thus the other systems
of their body—operating at optimum capacity.” 

Meet Dr.

Dharmendra Verma, MD finished his residency
training in internal medicine at University of Texas, Houston along with MD
Anderson Cancer Center, where subsequently, he completed a subspecialty
fellowship in gastroenterology, hepatology, and 

nutrition. He also received advanced training
in hepatology for management of chronic liver conditions.

Dr. Verma has expertise in general
gastroenterology including key areas of GERD, inflammatory bowel diseases,
and colorectal illnesses. His interest includes evidence-based management of
digestive disorders and participation in collaborative research to expand the
knowledge base for treating such conditions. He’s been active in bringing
cutting-edge care to the South Texas area in partnership with major academic
centers in Houston and San Antonio. He, his wife, and son enjoy being a part
of the vibrant Katy community, which they’ve called home for more than a

Meet Dr.

Dr. Richard LaCamera earned his Bachelor’s in
Science in zoology from the University of Florida in 1987 and completed
medical school in 1991, completing his internal medicine residency at the
University of Alabama Birmingham in 1994 and his GI fellowship training at
the Medical University of South Carolina in 1997.

Dr. LaCamera had a thriving private
gastroenterology practice in Palm Harbor, Florida for 24 years. He prides
himself on being thorough, answering all of his patient’s questions, and
making every effort to provide them with passionate and accurate care. Dr.
LaCamera has achieved dual-board-certification in internal medicine and
gastroenterology. He and his wife have two sons and recently welcomed
their first
grandchild. When not on the job, he enjoys spending time with his family,
coaching youth sports, and being involved in his church.

Meet Dr.

Dr. Jordan Shapiro is a pediatrician,
internist, and adult gastroenterologist specializing in the care of patients
with chronic gastrointestinal disorders, focused on improving the transition
from pediatric to adult care. His clinical interests include disorders of the
brain-gut interaction, pelvic-floor disorders, and eating disorders. 

Dr. Shapiro received his medical doctorate
from Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his residency in internal
medicine and pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital through the
University of Cincinnati. He further completed a gastroenterology and
hepatology fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine which included a T-32
research track and received a Master’s Degree of Science and completed a
Health Services Research Fellowship concurrently through the Baylor College
of Medicine. 

Did you
know four out of five cases of colorectal cancer develop without any warning

50,000 Americans die from colorectal cancer each year, yet it’s one of the
most treatable cancers, when caught in its early stages,” said Founding
Physician Dr. Dharmendra Verma. “Because there’s been an increase in the
incidence of colon cancer in young adults, we prefer to begin screening for
colon cancer at age 45.” Colonoscopy is a pain-free, sedated exam that’s
regarded as the gold standard for catching and preventing colorectal cancer.

or call (713) 429-4550
to schedule a proper age-appropriate evaluation.


1259 FM 1463, Suite 500

Katy, Texas 77494

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