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Meaghan Kantrowitz, Clinic Director
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Clinic Director Meaghan Kantrowitz practicing
naturalistic teaching opportunities with intern

You’ll see a friendly new face at Apara
Autism Centers – Memorial — Meaghan Kantrowitz. As the center’s newly
appointed clinic director, Meaghan is thrilled to help people
with autism lead safer, more fulfilling lives.

“My No. 1 objective is to make sure our
services are as topnotch and clinically sound as possible,” she says. “I’m a
behavior analyst at heart, so I’m focused on making sure we plan for success
from the onset of services and that we build meaningful connections with the
families we serve.” 

During her
undergrad studies at
College of Rochester, Meaghan recalls taking a class on the psychology of
learning and immediately falling in love with the subject. “That class was
ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) in a nutshell. It’s the science of good
teaching,” she says. “We look at modifying the environment to support the
learner, whether that’s a child or an adult.”

with behavior analysis,
Meaghan spent time interning and
volunteering with ABA organizations throughout New York. After completing her
undergrad studies, she moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a career as a registered
behavior technician. Meaghan then went on to earn her master’s in special
education from George Mason University and became a board certified behavior
analyst (BCBA) in 2017. Her career took her to Maine to practice as a BCBA
and then to Houston in 2019, which, as fate would have it, led her to

about early intervention and trauma-informed care, Meaghan believes that
high-quality services involve viewing the whole individual and the factors
that impact their life. “I’m thrilled that Apara’s mission and values so
closely align with my professional philosophies and priorities, specifically
collaborating with families,” she says.

Founded in 2019 by CEO Tyler Moore, whose daughter is on the autism
spectrum, Apara is privately owned and currently has eight
centers in the Houston area and centers also in Dallas and San

“We are honored to serve families living with
autism and to be able to widen access to the highest level of ABA therapy for
many families who deserve the best possible care and compassion for their
loved ones. With 1 in 44 children facing the challenge of being on the autism
spectrum, Apara Autism Centers provides clinic-based full- and part-time
programs as well as in-home options to meet family’s needs,” says Apara
Autism Centers’ Chief Operating Officer David Jordan.

Want to see if Apara Autism Centers might be
right for your family? The centers are a leading provider of ABA therapy to
children ages 18 months and up. Call or email to schedule a free consultation
and tour. You can learn more about the center’s ABA therapy services at

Autism Centers Service Offerings Include:


  • Full-time,
    part-time, and in-home therapy options

  • Ongoing caregiver

  • Feeding

  • Social skills

  • Life skills

  • Working
    collaboratively with speech and occupational therapy

  • Spring, summer, and
    winter camps available at some locations


1050 North
Post Oak Road, Suite 160

Houston, Texas 77055

  |  [email protected]

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