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Advanced Treatments to Improve Sexual Health and Quality of Life
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Dr. Evans and her amazing team at Sugar Land
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Discussions on sexual health
were once considered strictly taboo.
Thank goodness these
conversations have become more mainstream in the 21st century. “Sexual
health” is defined as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social
well-being in relation to sexuality, not merely the absence of disease. The
ability to have an open and honest conversation with a doctor who is
knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic empowers women to take
responsibility for their own sexual health. 

Dr. Kimberly Evans “The Love Doctor” at Sugar
Land Medical Spa provides a safe and welcoming space where women feel
comfortable, respected, and understood. Specializing in cosmetic gynecology,
Dr. Evans offers state-of-the-art technology and multi-faceted solutions to
rejuvenate a woman’s sexual health. By improving aesthetic form and function,
patients enjoy restored confidence, enhanced physical and mental health, and
improve their overall quality of life.

In addition to the most sought-after
treatments for sexual wellness and aesthetics, Sugar Land Med Spa offers
medically supervised weight-loss programs, advanced body contouring, and a
full medical spa. 

“Our sexual health is important,” said Dr.
Evans, “and it is a realm of healthcare that is underutilized. It’s important
because it contributes to our well-being, mental health, and how we view ourselves.
When we feel good, we treat ourselves and others better.”

From Taboo
to Transformation

Dr. Evans, a board-certified gynecologist
with over 20 years of experience, established Sugar Land Medical Spa to
specialize in treating the whole woman by offering medical, surgical, and
aesthetic solutions to address a variety of issues. After careful evaluation
of each patient, Dr. Evans will develop a customized plan by combining the
best treatment options to help every woman feel beautiful, renewed, and
vibrant, both inside and out.

“Sometimes the symptoms women face are a
result of unbalanced hormones as they age. Many patients in their late 30s
and 40s start experiencing a decreased libido, hot flashes, lower energy, and
just not feeling like themselves. We can rebalance hormones using the BioTe
Method to make ladies feel more like themselves. Many husbands even comment
that they are thrilled to get their wife back.” 

Healthier. Feel Sexier. Live Happier. 

Thanks to the latest technological advances,
Sugar Land Med Spa can offer many non-invasive solutions that improve female
issues experienced because of childbirth, menopause, or just normal aging.
These are available in office, require no downtime, and can have incredible
life-changing results that help women get their life back.

“The Art of Feminine rejuvenation is the ability to
combine aesthetic treatments, to not only make something aesthetically
beautiful but make it function better too. Leveraging research-backed
techniques and the latest technology, I provide my patients both surgical and
non-surgical solutions, offering some of the most sought-after treatments
available, to help a multitude of ladies. As a cosmetic gynecologist and
board-certified OB/GYN, I am able to treat sexual dysfunction and focus on
helping my patients feel healthier, sexier, and happier.”

Kimberly L. Evans, MD FACOG



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