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esmé, the medspa Amy Collins, Owner & Licensed Laser Technician
Amy Collins, Owner & Licensed Laser Technician

At esmé, the medspa, located at 6363 Dallas Parkway in Frisco, Amy Collins and her esteemed staff ensure their clients an incomparable customer service experience that allows for the most current technologies available and the most natural results. Both Amy and her staff base their excellence on personal experience.

Skilled Practitioners

Continuing education and training are one of Amy’s prime focuses. Amy makes sure that both she and her team of talent are always growing in knowledge and skill.

“Clients are paying for the talent and the time,” says Amy. “So, when shopping around for a medical spa, I encourage making your selection based on the provider’s knowledge and skill, rather than price. ”If you pay less now you will pay more later.”

The esmé Difference

Amy also takes pride in the client’s experience and results when they come to esmé. When she and her staff consult with clients, they always begin with an in-depth 3-D skin analysis, coupled with the client’s personal desires creating the roadmap to a personalized treatment plan and eliminating any guess work.

“The best part,” says Amy, “is this approach and technology will continue throughout each client’s treatment plan journey, so they see first hand the improvements and comparisons along the way. Results are the best way to see how your money has been spent.”

Best Seller Alert: Morpheus8

“When I’m educating clients,” says Amy, “I always tell them that Morpheus8 is ‘the aging backwards treatment, and it truly is.” Why? “Because collagen will never go out of style”.

Even better, Morpheus8 can treat all skin types and ages and we can treat anywhere you have skin. Amy is 44 and has been treated with their best seller since 2020.

Client Satisfaction

Happy clients are the driving force at esmé. Amy and the staff believe that clients should feel that they are important and that everyone who visits esme’ should feel seen and heard. Her daily focus is to make sure that the client’s experience at esmé is unmatched.

“After all, spa services are elective,” says Amy, “which means that you never have to set that first appointment or return. Therefore the esmè brand is built on listening first and treating second. We stand by our core values of honesty, dedication, humility, teamwork, customer service and results-driven service.”

The primary goal at esmé is to bring one-of-a-kind service to an industry that is known for high turnover. Not only is long-term dedication from providers encouraged, but transparency is also a cornerstone. Amy maintains an open-door policy even into her storage room, so clients can see what products are being used.

Natural results are the standard at esmé. In an industry where vanity is a basis, “esmé” is an acronym for “enhancing skin with medical esthetics,” and Amy’s clients embody enhancement, rather than change.

“Our priority,” says Amy, “is to enhance each individual’s natural beauty, never to change it because aging backwards is the only way to age”.

More information can be found at esmemedspa.com.


6363 Dallas Parkway, Suite 101
Frisco, TX 75034