2019 Best Of Readers’ Choice Winners - - Archived

See who won in your town!


For the SEVENTH time we asked you, our readers (yes, you!) to cast your votes in over 143 categories to help determine once and for all (or at least until 2020) who is the BEST. You made the effort to voice your opinion and because of your votes we now present our 7th annual Best Of Readers’ Choice Award winners!

What is "Best Of"?

Each year, online voting is conducted on behalf of all of the Living Magazine communities to determine which businesses YOU think are the very best in dining, retail, entertainment, healthcare and home & garden in your community.


Voting for the 2019 Best Of Readers’ Choice Awards was conducted online from January 1, 2019 to March 15, 2019. The results were collected and tabulated using Survey Monkey software.



Interested in campaigning for 2020 Best Of?

Each year we provide complimentary marketing materials to anyone interested in campaigning to be the “BEST OF” their community. If you’d like more information on receiving these materials or how to campaign click the button and we would be happy to send those to you!