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Heath Grob and Majda Kacevic
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19th century journalist and author Ambrose Bierce defined a lawsuit as “a machine which you go into as a pig and come out as a sausage.” As a young attorney, Heath Grob decided it didn’t have to be that way—not for his clients anyway. Because of his background in construction, when he established Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm PC in Rockwall in 2011, he concentrated his efforts on business and construction law and commercial real estate. Over the years, Heath has endeared himself with countless clients by providing a voice of calm and reason in what can be a complex and fast-paced industry.

As his firm grew, clients began requesting other services wanting to keep their legal representation under one roof. In response, Heath searched for a family-law attorney who shares his client-first commitment and strong moral compass. When he met Majda Kacevic, he knew his search was over. “If a family member needed a family-law attorney, I‘m taking them directly to Majda,” Heath said. “She believes—as I do—that it’s best to get along with your spouse in a divorce proceeding, especially when you have children together. But you still need an advocate to make sure your agreement now doesn’t become a regret in the future. Majda possesses amazing empathy, works closely with our family-law clients, and truly cares what happens to all side involved in a family-law case. I like her win/win approach.”

Honest, Knowledgeable, Solution Driven

Heath’s goal is to help clients make important decisions with confidence. “My clients deserve innovative solutions, aggressive advocacy, and knowledgeable guidance,” he said. “When you’re considering the purchase of a million-dollar home, for instance, doesn’t it make sense to invest a couple thousand dollars enlisting the help of someone who makes sure it’s done right? Or, if you’re opening a business in this growing, vibrant Rockwall community, it’s important that you get it right from the beginning. While online services like Legal Zoom might seem tempting, they don’t possess the wealth of experience in the many things that can go wrong during the first months and years of a new business. This is our area of expertise. I’ve seen it so many times; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Sterling Staff

Heath is the first to admit he couldn’t have accomplished all he has done without an outstanding staff who shares his client-first commitment. “They are superstars, and I couldn’t be prouder of the job they do for our clients every single day,” Heath said. “They really know each client and provide personalized care. My team is their advocate and helps them through what can be a highly stressful time. I am humbled by their drive and focus.”

Meet the Team

Heath Grob

Heath began his college education while serving the United States Air Force. He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in business administration at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs. He then left the military and moved to Dallas to manage a growing mid-sized hospitality investment group. After discovering how complex the regulations covering small and medium businesses can be, he went to law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. During law school, he clerked for the Honorable Brett Hall of the 382 District Court in Rockwall, Texas. He then worked in the District Attorney office for Rockwall County in the misdemeanor section, while helping write appellate briefs. He left in 2011 to start Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C.

When not on the job, Heath is an avid collector on antiques and artifacts, especially indigenous art of North and South America. He’s even been called “the Indiana Jones lawyer” because of his collection on display in his conference rooms. A firm believer in giving back to his community, Heath donates to and volunteers for Helping Hands, local PTAs and schools, and teaches continuing legal education for local bar associations. He also enjoys spending as much time as he can with 12-year-old son, Jack, and four-year-old daughter and future legal star, Ella.

PLF 4 3110Meet Majda Kacevic

Majda graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in criminal justice. After interning at the District Attorney’s office, she decided to go to law school at University of Illinois at Chicago. Along with her Juris Doctor, she also graduated with a Master of Laws in real estate law. After helping a friend through her divorce, she realized she had a natural skill and possessed the compassion and counseling that family law needs. She joined Heath Grob and now exclusively practices family law in Rockwall. An avid reader, Majda enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and her two tabby cats, Teddy and Nina.

Nikki Payne:

A certified paralegal specializing in litigation discovery and trial prep, Nikki is a local gal who grew up in Forney. Married with three sons, she spends her free time cheering them from the sidelines and helping spoil the family’s French bulldog.

PLF 16 3195Rikki Barnes:

Also Forney born and bred, Rikki is a certified senior paralegal specializing in all aspects of family law litigation. She’s married with two boys who, as she says, “aren’t yet old enough for school but are certainly old enough to get into trouble.”

Tina Sennikoff:

Office Manager Tina lives in Rockwall where she’s a proud mom of five, an even prouder grandmother of nine, and mom to a shih tzu named Molly. After owning and running a local cheer and tumble gym for 30 years and working with more than 250 kids all the time, Tina “retired” to take over an even harder job; keeping Heath and his firm on track.

“Unfortunately, lawsuits occur,” Heath said. “When they do, it’s important you have a calm, well-educated lawyer who can defuse the situation if possible or vigorously defend your interests when needed.” Find out more about this dynamic team at HeathGrobLawOffice.com and HeathGrobFamilyLaw.com.


405 West Kaufman Street
Rockwall, Texas 75087
(972) 722-5007

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