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1-16 Beauty_Ideal Body_web1Vectra 3D Imaging lets you see your plastic surgery options.

It’s one thing for plastic surgeons to explain what they can do for you. But what if your surgeon could show you the possibilities before you ever go under the knife? What if you could see the end result from the beginning? Vectra M3, an innovative new 3D imaging system, helps patients make highly informed decisions about procedures they are considering. Plus this amazing tool allows surgeons to better communicate the possibilities, while helping patients feel more comfortable and confident about the procedure they are seeking.

How Does Vectra 3D Imaging Work?

Developed by Canfield Scientific, the Vectra 3D Imaging System uses multiple cameras to take high-resolution pictures of a patient’s face or body from various angles. This technology is currently most often used for patients seeking breast augmentation, lift, or reduction; rhinoplasty; neck lifts; and body contouring. After images are taken, the software processes and assimilates the information, creating a highly accurate 3D rendering of the patient, which is then projected on a high-definition screen.

Using each patient’s own image, Vectra 3D Imaging allows doctors to better communicate the possibilities, explore possible outcomes, educate, explain limitations, and set appropriate expectations. For patients, Vectra 3D Imaging allows them to visualize potential outcomes and decide on the best possible treatment plan with confidence.

Benefits of Vectra 3D Imaging

Using this advanced technology, doctors and patients can have an honest discussion about what results to expect by looking at detailed images of the patient’s body, not a former patient or a graphic. The many benefits include:

  • real-time analysis of plastic surgery options
  • accurate body measurements for surgical planning
  • realistic expectations for plastic surgery results

1-16 Beauty_Ideal Body_web2With the Vectra 3D imaging system, guesswork is virtually eliminated. Patients can see up front how decisions affect plastic surgery results. Knowing what to expect from a procedure  will give greater satisfaction with the results.

If you’re considering plastic surgery and would like to have a greater sense of what to expect from your results, talk with cosmetic surgeons who use the Vectra 3D Imaging System.

Try One On for Size

One of the most exciting features of the Vectra 3D Imaging System is the opportunity for breast augmentation patients to be able to see how various breast implant sizes look on their own body. For years, patients had to guess and then hope they would be happy with the implant size chosen for their breast augmentation or reconstruction. But with Vectra 3D Imaging, women can actually see what each implant size will look like on their figure. The difference is somewhat like trying on and buying jeans in a store versus buying them online.

Other Imaging Technology for Cosmetic Surgery

Imaging for cosmetic procedures, including cosmetic dental offerings, is technology that has been used in one way or another for many years. But it has come a long way, and the simple projections of before and after images have evolved into the highly customizable, multi-angle, multi-camera, high-definition setups available to medical and dental practices today.

By Tammy Adams

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