Reaching New Heights

North Texas Teen Invites You to Step Outside and Connect with Nature

“Hello, world!” This is the greeting you will hear from Saanvi Mylavarapu on “Saanvi Speaks,” the educational video series she self-produces on Instagram. Through her videos, Saanvi shares a love and appreciation of nature. A rising sophomore at Independence High School in Frisco, Saanvi’s firsthand experience hiking with her family, connected her to the benefits of the natural world at an early age. Having explored hundreds of miles of trails in over twenty national parks in the United States since the age of 6, Saanvi is now on a mission to spread the message of nature’s benefits to North Texas and beyond.

“You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to get outside. Simply take a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Bathe in sunlight,” Saanvi suggests. “Any small step in that direction will lead to an improved quality of life for both you and the planet.”

Through her outdoor excursions, Saanvi has grown from nature enthusiast to conservationist, and her Instagram videos have caught the attention of a worldwide audience. With almost 1200 followers, including National Park Services, National Geographic photographers, and others, her message is reaching people across the globe.

“The world is so vast, and our lifespan isn’t enough to explore it all,” says Saanvi. “I want to share what I love and what I know can heal.”

And Saanvi is not slowing down. As a student ambassador for National Park Trust Youth Leadership, she plans to start her own local youth organization to motivate others at her high school to get involved. She also dreams of summiting Mount Everest before she graduates high school.

“Through connecting to the outdoors, we begin to gain a greater appreciation of nature and of our connection to the earth and environment,” says Saanvi. “Small steps lead to big change, and together we can make a difference in our own lives and for the well-being of our environment and planet.”

You can follow Saanvi’s journey on Instagram at @chalkbagsntents.  

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