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Terri Bauer has a succinct mission statement that motivates everything she does. “I will strive each day to be grateful for all blessings bestowed me, both large and small,” she said. “I’ll always work to be the loving caring compassionate person I was created to be. To have reverence for life and live in harmony. To always work at letting go and letting God. To follow the spiritual path destined for me. To allow all these qualities to flow through me, as I go about my daily life. To give to others and help them find the path they’re destined for. To remember always; Life is a journey–enjoy the journey. To be a good example to my children as they begin their own journey. And to give my true self to my life partner and soulmate—John.”

Those who know and love Terri can attest she doesn’t stray far from those principles. Whether it’s as matriarch of her large and growing family or as she works shoulder to shoulder with her husband—and now their son—in the family dental practice, Terri is intentional about walking the walk and talking the talk of a Christian woman.

“More than 40 years in business, the good, the bad, and the challenging have led me to believe, ‘things are not happening to you. They are happening for you.’ Never stop learning. Never stop thanking. Never stop serving.”

Terri was blessed with parents who taught her the value of hard work, to understand the value of a dollar, and to give to those in need. “They encouraged me to be a giver to the world, not a taker,” she said. “For more than 40 years, Mansfield Family Dentistry has been about building relationships. We treat people with respect, and we listen. We help our patients feel like family. Caring for others by building great relationships is a blessing. We want to make a difference through listening and hearing what the needs of our patients are and helping achieve their dental goals.”

Terri is an ardent sponsor of youth cutting horse programs which she supports through scholarships and is passionate about leading others to the Lord. “I strive to be a compassionate caring leader,” she said. “To be impeccable with my word, to set an example through action, and to live my God-given values. I strive to empower those around me through knowledge and education and love, to be a good listener and walk through fire for those who walk with me. I strive to preach the gospel at all times through the things I do and say and the woman I am.”

I’m blessed with amazing children and grandchildren,” Terri said. “I work with wonderful, supportive people. And I have my biggest cheerleader, my husband by my side. I get to start each day on our back patio at the farm just counting my blessings. My cup runneth over.”


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