Not Feeling Festive?

How to Decorate When You are Grumpy like the Grinch

Scale It Back

By Courtney Warren

I’ll be the first to admit I have had a few years where the tinkling sound of silver bells makes me want to massage my temples. Not because I don’t love Christmas, I am a huge fan. But sometimes, life is overwhelming enough, and decorating for the holidays seems like one more thing on a never-ending to-do list. It can be tempting if you don’t have small kids or hosting responsibilities to forgo the ordeal of decking the halls. After all, it takes organization, effort, and hard work to display and remove it all in a month.

If adulting has been all you can handle this year, here’s how to decorate when you feel a little bah humbug.

Scale It Back

Scale it Back

Rather than decorate multiple or even one large Christmas tree, opt for a tabletop tree or add minimal holiday touches throughout your home. Instead of outlining your house with lights that rival Clark Griswold, hang a lit wreath on the front door. We can tend to be all or nothing in holiday decor and, in turn, lose sight of the entire point. However, a little bit of Christmas decor might be the spark that helps you feel more festive.

Make it Meaningful 

It’s easy to get so caught up in the merriments and plans and miss the entire purpose of the season. My favorite way to remind myself of the deeper meaning is to incorporate mementos. 

Make It Meaningful
Make It Meaningful Instead of your everyday dishes, bring out your grandmother’s China for the entire month of December. Even a Pop-Tart feels fancy when eating on them. Or perhaps you display a treasured keepsake on your tree, like an old pair of baby shoes. What items do you have that you could bring out in December and celebrate your family memories?

Buy a New Piece 

If your Christmas decor is overwhelming to haul from the attic, why not freshen things up with a new purchase? There are so many adorable new baubles each year. Perhaps adding something fresh to your decorations will keep some spirit alive. Small new items, like a throw pillow or garland, can make a room feel festive without much effort. 

Buy a New Piece

About the Designer

Courtney Warren is a Rockwall native interior designer whose award-winning design work has been featured in numerous national magazines and media and whose clients span the North Texas area. She believes “you deserve a beautiful home you can be proud of, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.” She loves decorating for the holidays, and her most embarrassing Halloween costume was when her parents made her dress up as a Magic Skunk. You can find her recent projects on Instagram and Facebook at @courtneywarrenhome or courtneywarren.com.

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