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House of Colour Rowlett
Kim Wallar House of Colour Rowlett

Kim Wallar - - Archived

House of Colour Rowlett

Kim Wallar House of Colour Rowlett
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It’s not just women. Men do it too. They get dressed and immediately ask for a second opinion. “What do you think?” or “How does this look?” Kids recruit siblings. Adults have friends or family peek into the dressing room for sartorial feedback. What we wear is a big deal, and looking good is important to people.

Blessed are those who don’t care what anyone thinks. Some feel comfortable in every look they’ve ever worn. For the rest of humanity, it would be nice to get expert, tailored style advice without a Real Housewives budget. Imagine the money you’d save picking only clothes you knew
you’d wear.

Kim Wallar learned the value of quality styling when she observed a good friend appear to age backwards. The friend “had her colors done,” as Wallar describes it and was looking so effortlessly fantastic that it seemed like years were melting away. Age and its manifestations are a beautiful thing, but to Wallar, watching her friend look more energized and youthful was incredible!

Wallar had color analysis done on herself and that cinched it. She bought her own franchise with House of Colour in January of 2022 and studied how to use color theory based on the work of a 1920s German instructor in the Bauhaus School of Art. Associating the nuances of individual color with seasons as shorthand – you’re a Summer or a Spring, for example – each season’s undertones, warmth and coolness, softness or muted expression, and clear or bright shine look best on different people.

“Your colors are going to stay with you for your entire life,” said Wallar, explaining what she sees not as a prescription, but an invitation to learn what naturally looks best on you. Everyone can pull off true red, she said, and wear any color they love, but a certain tone or shade might really sing! A bold pattern versus a delicate print might change the look of your face. Wallar proves it with photos of herself in soft, blended Summer colors and dainty patterns.

“When you’re in the studio, you see changes immediately,” she said. She uses only natural daylight to analyze color in person. Wallar is available to accommodate parties and individuals over the age of eight. Wallar also specializes in personal style analysis which helps people who want a leg up while they shop. Proportion, balance, scale and overall style is determined during the session. “At House of Colour, we honor the person on the inside as well as the outside.”

The approach lends itself to environmentally friendly practices because people who know what looks great don’t need to chase trends. They don’t need to buy something wondering if they can pull it off later. Wallar helps people create timeless, classic wardrobes. Imagine knowing you’d wear a suit or dress because it looked great on you — that’s time and money in the bank.


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