Dawn Duke - - Archived

Duke's Tree and Landscaping LLC
Dawn Duke Duke's Tree and Landscaping LLC

Dawn Duke - - Archived

Duke's Tree and Landscaping LLC

Dawn Duke Duke's Tree and Landscaping LLC
By Jordan Kiefer | Photo by Lake Pointe Photography

Duke’s Tree and Landscaping is a professional tree service and landscaping company for business owners and homeowners in Rockwall County whose services include tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, fencing, and landscape installation. Dawn Duke founded the company, which takes pride in offering exceptional quality at affordable pricing.

As a female entrepreneur, Dawn understands the challenges and struggles of women in business. She recently received her Women’s Business Certification, the end of a journey that took her years to achieve as the process and acceptance are extremely difficult. “The journey wasn’t easy,” Dawn says. “We had some tough times, but I wouldn’t change anything. I love what I do, and I’ve been able to raise my kids around the business, let them watch and learn, and now I get to work with two of them every day. We are now a team that works together; we are what makes this business successful. Without their support, I couldn’t have done any of it.”

Two of Dawn’s children, Daulton and Jillian, work with her, while her daughter, Breauna, has a successful business. From the beginning, Dawn wanted her children to participate in this journey. “Teaching my children to help the business grow and be successful is what it’s all about,” Dawn states. “They understand the challenges of working hard for the things you want.”


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