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Megan Corrieri, MS, LPC | NorthStar Frisco Counseling & Therapy

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Megan Corrieri, MS, LPC NorthStar Frisco Counseling & Therapy
BY Meredith Knight | photo by Scott Peek Photography

Whatever you’re facing in life right now, it’s unlikely to surprise Therapist Megan Corrieri. “People often feel isolated, ashamed, or weak, believing their struggles are too embarrassing to talk about,” Megan said. “But rest assured, you’re not alone. Millions before you have navigated similar challenges and emerged stronger. Individuals wanting to be healthier recognize when they may need guidance from a specialist.”

In fact, Megan has been that “someone” for most of her life. “Since I was young, I felt like I was that person who had great emotional intelligence,” she said. “My friends and family came to me with their secrets and struggles, and I loved feeling like I could help them feel better.”

When Megan was 10 or 11, she told her mom she wanted to be a therapist when she grew up. She’s the first to admit she’s had her own struggles interacting with the world and processing her own inner dialogue. “I’ve personally experienced the benefits of therapy, both individually and as a couple with my husband,” she said. “Life throws us unexpected curveballs. We all encounter different seasons of life where we need the guidance of someone trained to help us get better.”

Megan often uses this relatable analogy to illustrate the importance of seeking professional help. “Imagine you have a friend you trust with your deepest secrets. While they may offer a sympathetic ear, they lack the expertise to provide the professional guidance needed for true healing. Therapists offer that safe and confidential space, coupled with the expertise to navigate complex emotional terrain. Just as you wouldn’t rely on a friend for medical treatment, entrust your emotional well-being to a trained professional who can offer both privacy and expert support.”

Megan’s therapeutic approach is characterized by its adaptability and client-centered focus. “I believe in tailoring therapy to suit each individual’s unique needs,” Megan said. “My eclectic approach allows me to draw from various theories and techniques, ensuring the therapy journey is tailored specifically to the client. By prioritizing the client’s preferences and needs, I can provide the most effective and personalized care possible.”

Her naturally approachable personality is comforting to clients. “The best work you’ll do is with a therapist you like,” she said. A laid-back, non-judgmental therapist, Megan’s relatable personality and humor tends to put clients at ease. “We often need to talk about icky stuff, most of us would rather not say out loud. I want to meet you where you are, and we can work toward your goals together.”

When not working, Megan enjoys being outdoors, attending sporting events, traveling, or finding new adventures with her husband of 20 years and their two beautiful children.

Whether you’re struggling with addictive behavior, low self-esteem, recent lifechanging events, infidelity or other marriage conflicts, depression, anxiety, or anything life has thrown at you, find out how Megan Corrieri, MS, LPC, NCC can help you at NorthStarFrisco.com/about/Megan-Corrieri.


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