Afshan Moosa

Moosa Realty Group, Keller Williams Frisco Stars
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Afshan Moosa

Moosa Realty Group, Keller Williams Frisco Stars

Afshan Moosa Moosa Realty Group, Keller Williams Frisco Stars

The real estate maven interrupted herself. “I forgot to tell you, I’m also a henna artist.” Now the face of Moosa Realty Group, a top 1% team within her brokerage, Afshan Moosa detailed a twist. Once an in-demand source for attractive henna designs, Moosa, who also goes by Affi, enjoyed a sterling reputation. “Whatever I do, I really like to do it well,” she said. Though her new vocation demands that henna take a back seat, a few diehard fans remain. “They will refuse to go anywhere else,” she said, describing those she still designs henna tattoos for during Islamic holy holidays. At Keller Williams, clients are drawn to similar qualities of excellence, and sometimes to similar Islamic values.

Keys to Kismet

Meandering like a curl drawn in henna’s reddish hue, Affi’s professional path once turned and rolled. As a young married woman newly emigrated from Pakistan, the now seasoned real estate agent worked as a cook before becoming a deli owner. Later, she represented Neiman Marcus at Horchow, the home goods arm featuring top designers. Travel wishes came true when she worked with Delta Airlines, but eventually, real estate captured her imagination. “The way things work with me is, I don’t think too much about it … I just jump in and learn to swim,” she said. Nine years later, she’s never looked back.

“Most of the clients tell me it’s because I have a hijab on, and they want to work with a Muslim,” she said. If clients find her almost through kismet, Affi’s team of “rockstars” were likely attracted to her ability and willingness to offer high-value career coaching and guidance. In addition to her indispensable Director of Operations Madeline McIntire, they include Realtors Siobhan Rich, Jigisha Lad (affectionately called Jiggy), and Nina Iqbal. The latter two first sought Affi’s advice before surprising her with requests to work alongside her. “I had no such intentions ,” said Affi, but the group coalesced well. “I love my group, and I love coming here every day,” she said. Affi’s husband, Faizal, heading her commercial development wing, and Sab Singhal, an Indian-born realtor, lend a male presence.

Homes and Henna

Details, she said, set luxury real estate apart, and Affi relishes them with an artist’s eye. As requested, Moosa Realty Group offers input for every choice, from materials to colors and beyond. As leaders in Frisco, the international team also offers world-class expertise born of varied backgrounds for clients seeking world-class luxury, whether it means buying, selling, or developing a project. While she paints in her home art studio for relaxation, Affi and her team adeptly guide clients in their aesthetic journey in the realm of real estate, smoothing the twists and navigating the turns that arise as their clients’ dreams unfold.


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