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Pam Ray Dallas West Dance Centre
By Cheryl Ricer

Pam Ray, owner, Dallas West Dance Centre (DWDC), has thrived in a lifetime of leadership. She began dancing at the age of six and began choreographing and teaching at the age of 13. Since then, she’s built decades of experience and previously owned a studio in California before moving to Texas where her brand-new studio will open for business on June 3, 2024.

“I fell in love with dance from day one and never looked back,” said Pam. “I also knew that I loved working with kids, so in addition to my dance training, I got a degree in education. Aside from being a mom, teaching has always been my passion.”

For many years, Pam taught dance for others and credits them for instilling in her the importance of being a role model and leading with integrity.

“I feel so privileged to have been mentored by a few of what I deem ‘the best in the industry,’” she shared. “Elaine Baker of Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Melissa Catron and Patti Thomas of Van Buren, Arkansas were great role models as teachers and studio owners. Everything they did was just so full of integrity and inspiration.”

Pam’s leadership style reflects that mentorship, and she recognizes that the impact of dance goes far beyond dancing.

“What we teach children literally changes their lives,” said Pam. “They learn self-confidence, poise, self-discipline, and how to face their fears. Then, these character traits trickle out into the rest of their lives.”

As an employer, she leads by example. The team at DWDC consists of highly qualified teachers, each with extensive dance training, teaching experience, and impeccable recommendations.

“Being a great role model is one of the most important things we can do for each other and our students,” Pam said. “My teachers know that I expect them to be kind, respectful, approachable, and yet assertive and honorable.”

The mission at DWDC is to provide a dance “home” where dancers and their families feel accepted and respected for who they are, and in turn, treat others the same way.

“To be moved and to move to sound is inherent in each of us — it is a part of who we are,” said Pam. “At Dallas West Dance Centre, we recognize the intrinsic connection each and every one of us shares with music and dance, and we welcome all dancers.”

Whether your goal is to dance competitively on a team, prepare for a college or professional career, train to become a dance instructor or choreographer, or to dance for the sheer joy of it, DWDC shares with you a passion and great love for dance as an art form, challenging sport, and form of growth and self-expression.

Whatever your dance goals, DWDC offers high-quality, technically sound, innovative, experienced instruction, and supportive, inclusive guidance to anyone age three through adulthood.


125 FM 407
Suite 210
Argyle, Texas 76226

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