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Velma McMillan

Blo Blow Dry Bar Rockwall

Velma McMillan Blo Blow Dry Bar Rockwall

Velma McMillan has always liked to look and feel her best, but she grew tired of driving into Dallas for her hair appointments. “I used to have to drive across the bridge and an appointment would take all day,” she says. “If I didn’t want to make the drive, I knew other women felt the same way.”

Velma decided to fill the gap by opening her own salon right here in Rockwall, becoming a franchise owner of Blo Blow Dry Bar. Her ambition was much more than getting runway-ready hair close to home, though — she wanted to ensure her children and grandchildren would inherit a prosperous legacy. She also wanted to inspire them to create something meaningful of their own.

The journey wasn’t easy, Velma admits. It took her over a year to find the ideal spot for the salon. Then, she had to find contractors, oversee budgets and timelines, acquire insurance, and all the other tasks that come with opening a business. “I had a dream and pushed through,” Velma says. “I want others to know that if you dream it and you keep pushing, you can achieve it.”

Today, Blo Rockwall provides a place where people of all ages can come to get their hair washed and styled and walk out feeling like a million bucks. “We give people what we call ‘the pink carpet treatment,’” Velma says. “It’s very inviting and relaxing here. If you want to talk, you can talk. If you just want to relax with your beverage, you can have a quiet appointment.”

Velma finds it rewarding when she can delight people — especially her five-year-old granddaughter. “She loves to come in and get her hair washed and dried,” Velma says. “She’ll get tinsel put in her hair, and she gets so excited. I want everyone to experience that same kind of joy.”

Velma dreams of owning 20 salons one day, and she works every day to bring that dream to fruition. She’s active in the community and committed to giving her team the tools they need to succeed.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Velma’s values shine through in her personal life. She prioritizes God, family, and career — in that order. As Blo Rockwall was coming to life, Velma inscribed her favorite Bible verse — Jeremiah 29:10 — on the drywall before it was textured. “He knows the plans for me,” she says, “and I just need to continue following His path.”

In her free time, Velma likes to sit outside and catch up with her husband or walk around the neighborhood with their dogs. She also enjoys different crafts and has recently started crocheting.

Velma wants to empower all women to feel confident and beautiful, so come indulge in a luxurious hair treatment just steps away from home. You can browse hair and beauty services at BloMeDry.com/Blo-Rockwall.


2245 Ridge Road
Suite 101
Rockwall, Texas 75087

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