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Amber Gustafson

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Amber Gustafson Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry
BY Lacey Kupfer Wulf | photo by KELLY SWEET PHOTOGRAPHY

As an entrepreneur, Amber Gustafson shows exactly what leadership in business should look like. At Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry, she and her team stand out from other Houston-area jewelers in nearly every way.

Leading in Quality and Service

With thousands of 5 Star Reviews on Google, Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry has more positive reviews than any other jeweler in the Houston area. Instead of focusing on product turnover, Amber says, “We focus on customer service, unmatched quality, and relationships. When I gain employees, they don’t leave, so we can build relationships with our customers over the years.”

For many customers, the jewelry they purchase or have repaired isn’t just a financial investment but also an investment of the heart. Amber says, “Jewelry makes memories, creates a keepsake of a moment, and should stand the test of time.” Consequently, each team member treats every piece with the utmost care.

According to Laurie S. (one of Amber’s many devoted fans) “I had a wonderful experience finding a new setting for my diamond. It is rare to find a jeweler with such expertise and knowledge. I highly recommend Amber’s Designs for all your jewelry needs. Amber and her staff are so kind and thoughtful. I will be back for sure.”

Leading Responsibly

Unlike others in the jewelry industry who may turn a blind eye to where their diamonds and colored gemstones originate, Amber personally visits the mines throughout the world that source her jewelry. She has traveled to Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Belgium, Bangkok, and beyond to inspect both the quality of the gems and the care shown to the local workers. In fact, she recently went to mines in Kenya, where she also contributed books to the new library for the Kamtonga Primary School.

Amber says, “In addition to checking the gemstones, I make sure these people are taken care of properly and can feed their families. It’s how we keep the global economy moving forward.” As a result, her customers can know that their jewelry not only has the highest quality but also responsibly supports the livelihoods of those who unearth the world’s best diamonds and gemstones.

Leading in the Community

To Amber, an integral part of running her business is giving back to the community. She has sponsored and donated to many local charities and non-profit organizations, including the Katy police and animal control. She also serves as president of the Texas Jewelers Association, a non-profit that helps small businesses stay in communication with vendors and grow.

Leading into the Future

Amber has exciting news! After 23 years and three expansions in the same building, Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry will be building right next door, a two story 5200 square-foot building to open in early 2025. With this additional space, even more customers can enjoy unique and brilliant jewelry pieces.

Ultimately, if you want to work with the leading jeweler in Katy and Houston, Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry is the absolute best choice for you!”



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