Living Likes

That’s making us say “we like it!” this month

By Heather Witherspoon

Scent of the Sea

You know something is good when one of your daughters pinches your perfume. Outremer’s Oceane Eau De Toilette Spray is a light, fresh fragrance with notes of sea salt atop an aromatic marine base making it perfect for everyday wear. The elegant Art Deco-inspired glass bottle evokes France’s gardens and the sophistication of Paris where it is produced.

$18, Anthropologie.com

Swedish Simplicity

What’s not to love about the Hildegun kitchen collection from Ikea? The timeless, functional designs are made of 100% cotton, and you can’t beat the price with the most expensive item (Apron) at less than two dollars! 

$.49 to $1.99, IKEA.com

Sipping Sunshine

Pallini’s family limoncello recipe is over 100-years-old and is crafted from the finest sfusato amalfitano lemons that are carefully hand-picked for optimal freshness and flavor. This luxurious lemon liqueur can be enjoyed in a creative craft cocktail or slowly sipped chilled or on the rocks after dinner.

Check your local liquor retailer for availability & pricing.

Bowled Over

Exclusively at World Market, this Paisley Bamboo Fiber Serving Bowl and Salad Servers Set is crafted of bamboo fiber and melamine with a multicolor paisley design. The serving bowl includes two salad servers that store in the rustic lid. This space-saving set is perfect for preparing, tossing, and serving a full salad or side. Storing leftovers is simple. Just top it with the natural bamboo and pop it in the fridge.

$30, WorldMarket.com

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