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Paula Field, CPA, CFE – President

Lucrum Legal Accounting

Paula Field, CPA, CFE - President Lucrum Legal Accounting

Paula Field is a renowned name trusted by business owners and individuals for years. Paula is the owner of Lucrum Legal Accounting, an accounting firm comprised of Certified Public Accountants for attorneys specializing in IOLTA, profit planning, Clio, and QBO consulting, daily accounting and financial reporting, complex tax planning, preparation and representation, forensic accounting, and fraud examination. She is passionate about helping attorneys and business owners utilize accounting information to help them realize more profit from their businesses. She loves working with business owners and believes that tax and accounting go hand in hand to plot the course for a profitable business. Being proactive in charting the course for the business is necessary and must be reviewed and updated frequently throughout the year.

She has simplified this process and transformed businesses to generate wealth for their owners.

The pioneering leader has been a CPA for 14 years, but Paula’s journey started when she was helping her mother in her retail business 40 years ago. “I have found success in helping people with what is most troubling to them, and that has been my green light. Lucrum Legal Accounting has grown by delivering on what our clients find useful and what we find rewarding,” she says. “Our passion for helping business owners with their worst nightmares and freeing them from stress so they can focus on running a successful business has been our true North.”

Paula also loves to help attorneys navigate their cases when they need assistance from a forensic accountant and fraud examiner, which has become a genuine focus in the firm. Understanding how financial information is manipulated to the benefit of one and the detriment of another and then putting that information into plain language and communicating to others is how she can assist attorneys in advocating for their clients. “More than anything, forensic accounting gives importance to our work when we find out how accounting information has been manipulated in a fraudulent manner,” explains Paula. “Having our accountants participate in forensic work has empowered the tax and accounting team to be better at the core of what we do daily for our clients.”

Lucrum Legal Accounting has been termed as a go-to solution for powerful financial firewalls for business owners. With over 40 years of combined experience, Lucrum Legal Accounting’s team challenges the status quo in accounting services to provide efficient, visible, and profitable solutions for any business. Whether clients need assistance with fraud examination, business planning, complex individual tax cases, business accounting, or business tax preparation, Lucrum Legal Accounting has the expertise to meet their needs.

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One of Lucrum Legal Accounting’s flagship programs, Show Me the Profit®, offers successful business owners a proven three-step model to create significant cash reserves, legally lower tax bills, and establish a robust financial firewall. Paula found inspiration for this product from both her parents. As Paula’s mother grew a successful business, she was always worried about the cash flow, so Paula developed an all-inclusive plan to proactively manage cash flow called the Show Me the Profit® program. Budget and cash flow analysis reports often fail business owners because they are not timely reports and show a retrospective view of the business rather than a real-time analysis. There is no waiting for the CPA to get back to a business owner on the Show Me the Profit® program because they are empowered with real-time, proactive information to make business decisions, which puts a process in place to manage the profit. Now, her clients enjoy peace of mind utilizing her Show Me the Profit® program.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight Paula and her team’s meticulous attention to detail, dedication, professionalism, and strong expertise in forensic accounting and other services. “If you want to create a powerful financial firewall for your business and maximize your tax and accounting strategies, contact Lucrum Legal Accounting today,” reads one of their testimonials.

Lucrum Legal Accounting’s mission is to help business owners turn their businesses into a wealth engine by putting them in charge of their cash flow to make sound business decisions so they can see their profit growing. Once business owners develop a profit protection mindset, it changes how they operate their business. This happens over time with repetition of the plan by charting a course to achieve their goals. “Our greatest achievement is watching the clients meet their goals by utilizing the Show Me the Profit® program. Seeing our clients reach their goals by utilizing our program’s structure is a whole new level of achievement and fuels our desire to help more,” elucidates Paula. “I plan on developing a coaching program to help attorneys increase their profit to more than $1 million per partner per year, decrease Partner client hours to less than 500 per year, and build a more sustainable legal business.”

Our Services:

CLIO INTEGRATION Our team offers integration services for two highly effective cloud-based softwares: QuickBooks Online and Clio. These tools, working in tandem, will save you time, reduce errors, and allow you to gain insights into your firm’s financial health.

BUSINESS CONSULTING We work closely with you to identify problem areas within your business and develop a long-term plan with practical solutions to address your concerns.

BUSINESS ACCOUNTING We offer expertise in an assortment of areas beyond accounting including complex entity structuring, multi-business operations, cash flow management, profit planning, strategic planning, new business formation, and more.

TAX PLANNING AND COMPLEX TAX MATTERS Our team partners with you to develop a plan, based on your goals, to minimize your annual tax outlay and avoid surprise tax bills. IRS

REPRESENTATION Our qualified tax professionals will represent your case if you’ve received a notice from the IRS or are involved in a tax dispute.

FRAUD EXAMINATION Our team offers fraud examination services to assist your clients with suspected fraud cases. Small businesses account for 46% of fraud cases. The median loss is 6% of gross revenues.


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