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Today’s tight talent marketplace poses challenges for employers and job seekers alike. Johanna Chryssikos-Watson, founder and CEO of Houston’s premier talent search firm, Artemis Partners, has her finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving talent acquisition landscape. She’s knowledgeable about current trends and understands where the market is heading.

Whether you’re a business owner, on a corporate leadership team, a human resource professional, or an individual looking for a top-tier recruiter to work with, read on. Johanna shares invaluable insights into talent acquisition and how working as a strategic partner with their clients sets Artemis Partners apart.

Hiring Strategies During the Great Resignation

Johanna explains that several factors make the current talent market challenging. One is people who are retiring early, changing careers, or taking a break.

“The great resignation is real,” Johanna says. “It’s a tricky time to fill open positions with the best and most qualified candidates without overpaying, but it’s possible when you partner with the right talent acquisition firm.”

She warns about over-compensation pitfalls and issues involved when you hire someone under-skilled for a position.

“Overpaying or settling for candidates who are under-skilled is a slippery slope because it sets you up to have to swap people out,” she says. “We’re proud that we’ve helped our clients hire a high volume of people over the last few years without sacrificing talent quality or paying salaries that aren’t in line with the position and the candidate’s experience and skill set.”

On the other side of the recruiting industry, Artemis Partners counsels job seekers on their best approach and strategy as individuals. “You might find a company that offers $20,000 more for a position, but it’s important to look at the bigger picture, not just the salary alone. Does the company culture fit with your values? Are you interested in a leadership track, and will the position and the company help you achieve this goal? Job candidates need to consider these and other questions before deciding.”

Correction on the Horizon

Johanna’s insights include sounding the alarm about a potential talent correction. This makes having a well-honed strategy and working with a recruiter that possesses greater acumen, like Artemis Partners, essential. Maneuvering through changes in the talent supply and demand landscape with knowledge and confidence can dimmish the effects of a market reset on your company and employees.

“Companies that have succumbed to knee-jerk hiring — which can be tempting when you’re desperate to hire — could see an inevitable correction within two years,” says Johanna, a strategic visionary. “Morale among employees is lowered when you hire people who are overpriced and underperform. And, of course, you’re going to deal with higher turnover and incur more expense when it becomes clear a newer hire isn’t cut out for their position.”

Outlook on Remote Work

Another element affecting our current talent marketplace is the shift to remote working options hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Johanna believes this trend will continue, but with a caveat.

“Many companies will move toward adopting a hybrid arrangement, where employees work from home part-time and in a company office part-time. Of course, this depends on the nature of the business and the company culture as some industries need their employees in the office to maintain culture and work performance,” she says.

Johanna also counsels job candidates looking for remote work, particularly those interested in being on a management or leadership track. “If your aspirations include becoming part of a senior management team, chances are you have a slim chance if you insist on remote work only.”

Artemis Partners’ Concierge-style Approach

At the heart of Artemis Partners’ success is building lasting client relationships, working in partnership with them, and developing a culture of mutual trust and respect.

“Our goal is to provide real value and strategic direction to our clients and to evolve with them while anticipating their future needs,” Johanna shares. “Equally important, our team members have both an entrepreneurial background and a strong business background. Each talent consultant brings unique gifts and value to the table.”

Ultimately, Johanna and her team strive to create a win-win scenario for the client and the candidate, and clearly, they’re succeeding. Artemis Partners, which she founded in 2015, now serves clients in 20 states and has recently expanded with international clients.

More About Johanna Chryssikos-Watson

A native Houstonian and former high school principal and athletic coach, Johanna is known for her distinctive blend of leadership, strategic vision, wisdom, business savvy, integrity, and practical know-how. She recently signed with Forbes Books to write a book on business and the interrelated personal aspects of it, which will include guest contributors and lots of examples.

“The message is that business leaders have cultivated multiple layers that get them to where they are, and that as a leader, you’re not alone — you can be successful with the right mindset,” Johanna shares.

Outside of work, Johanna spends time with her family and on her ranch. She especially enjoys watching her teenage daughters compete in tennis tournaments.

H.R. and Leadership Conference Coming in June 2023

Mark your calendars. Artemis Partners’ 2023 conference is a must-attend for H.R. professionals and company leaders that work alongside them. The conference will provide solutions to bridge the gap between H.R. and the leadership/management team and develop a strategy for success. Attendees will listen to high-profile keynote speakers and participate in exciting, interactive breakout sessions.

Learn more about what Artemis Partners offers at ArtemisHou.com. Call for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Positions Artemis Partners hunts for:

  • C–Level
  • Executives
  • Leadership roles
  • Directors
  • Management
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Permanent/interim/contract roles


  • Finance/accounting/mortgage
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing/distribution
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Oil and gas
  • Marketing Supply chain
  • Healthcare

Full-service Talent Acquisition Firm:

  • Permanent and temporary placement and staffing
  • PEO (professional employer organization)
  • RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)
  • Compensation package strategy, structures, negotiations
  • Offer letters and negotiations
  • Streamlines in-house talent acquisition processes
  • Every account is assigned to two Artemis talent consultants
  • And much more


1800 Bering Drive, Suite 940
Houston, Texas 77057
(833) 639-4868

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