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faucet and water flow

Ah yes, the often overlooked yet completely essential faucet. We all have them—and many of us have two, three, four, five? Close your eyes and think for a moment. Can you picture what a single faucet in your house looks like, specifically?

Would you like to be able to?

This month we’ve rounded up some faucets that you’re sure to remember, whether they find themselves differentiating a bathroom or kitchen.


from Hastings Tile & Bath

This one-handle mixer ceramic disc kitchen faucet in copper features a strong, squared-curve silhouette and a double swivel spout. HastingsTileBath.com

Elan Vital

from Watermark Designs

A bath faucet reminiscent of industrial steam pipes, but with all the modern features like washerless ceramic disk lever handles, galvanized steel construction, and several installation configurations. Watermark-Designs.com


from THG Paris

Purely symmetrical and highlighting clear optical glass handles, this stunning faucet features no visible hardware or stems with a tall, streamlined spout. THG-Paris.com/US/en


From Franz Viegener

The ultra-modern silhouette of this faucet is a beauty of modern engineering, with flat, fin-like handles and a precision-machined spout. FranzViegener.us/en

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