Elle Monus - - Archived

TRUE Image Group


After working as a director for a clothing subscription service for multiple years, Elle Monus realized there was a need not just to help women find clothes that matched their style but that helped them feel comfortable in their skin.

“I wanted to create something that helped people resolve any issues they might have with their body,” Elle, owner and stylist at TRUE Image Group, explains. “Because if you don’t enjoy yourself, you’re not going to enjoy yourself in clothing.” From this realization, the idea for her company, TRUE Image Group appeared.

TRUE Image Group offers personal styling, branding, event planning, and photography. Alongside a core team, Elle has partnerships with hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, and marketers across the nation to provide her clients with the best possible experience.

“Our goal is to make the journey like a best-friend experience for our clients,” Elle comments. “The team is incredibly personable, and they want to have a lot of fun because what is life if you’re not having fun?”

In addition to having fun, Elle’s primary focus is to give back to the community, both personally and through TRUE Image Group. One area near and dear to her heart is underserved areas in Dallas, specifically children in those areas. “We do activities, an after-school program, parties, events — fun stuff to do,” she remarks. “Community service is something that I’ve done pretty much my whole life, and I absolutely love it.”


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