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Best IV Infusion Therapy, Place for Botox, and Spa in Mansfield/Arlington

R&R Aesthetics + Wellness

Best IV Infusion Therapy, Place for Botox, and Spa in Mansfield/Arlington

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by Danielle Van Beest

Finding the right place for your health and beauty treatments can be an emotionally daunting task. Anyone else scour yelp for a glimpse of reassurance that a filler or peel will be done by someone you can trust? Often, if we’re lucky enough to find an answer for one need, we then have to find a provider for every other type of treatment. Feeling good inside and out makes our lives better, but the search and the time sometimes prevent us from taking care of ourselves the way we would genuinely like to.

Kelli Vickrey has created the ultimate haven for health, wellness, and beauty all under one gorgeous roof. Her life’s passion is to merge integrative and functional health with long-lasting beauty treatments and that has earned her our readers’ trust and loyalty. If you’ve been clicking on random facebook ads hoping to find the right fit, it’s right here 5 minutes from downtown Mansfield.


Those who flock to R&R know they are in good hands for the cult favorite Hydrafacial, skin treatments, fillers, injections, and more. Beauty treatments should be a treat, never a stressful “did I make the right choice?” option. Kelli and her team will expertly guide you with a sparkly smile and help you find the perfect fit that works for your goals and your budget.


25% of R&R’s clients come for medical weight loss. This is because Kelli has personally been through the journey, and her in-depth knowledge allows for clients of all backgrounds and sizes to find success. After struggling for years with MS and debilitating migraines, Kelli took it upon herself to go beyond the traditional medicine options and found additional, alternative methods that work when all other options have failed. Through her own health and wellness journey, Kelli has lost 135 lbs. and continues to help those with chronic health conditions that strive for relief: “We have several different approaches that we tailor to each client, but the biggest piece for me is supporting the mental aspect. We want the weight loss to be achieved in a healthy way and to be sustainable.”


Hormonal changes can affect everything from energy levels, to weight gain, to hair loss. Kelli offers clients the opportunity to feel their best with her BHRT program. Some of the many benefits include more energy, fewer menopause symptoms, improvements in sexual health, better sleep, and even stronger hair and nails.


R&R is offering a Gift Card special in November and a Magical 12 Days of Christmas Flash Sale in December! Join their email list on social media or visit their website for more information.

“Our practice gives clients the opportunity to turn back the clock and rejuvenate the whole person. We’re thankful to be voted Best Of in 2023 and it’s our mission to continue that success and admiration for years to come!”

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