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The link between oral health and heart health makes brushing and flossing an easy way to thrive. The link is not any less strong for kids than adults. That’s why pediatric dentistry is so important. A child’s first trips to the dentist’s office can shape their view for years to come. With those little ones in mind, PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry in McKinney strives to make happy, positive memories for the tiny humans walking in the door. Among the newest additions to the community, this dental practice stands out with its cutting-edge technology and modern facilities, complementing the caring, friendly doctors for a warm, comfortable visit.

Practice owners Drs. Michael Bolten and Cindy McMann were already treating patients of all ages at Stonebridge Dental when they decided to dedicate a separate space to children. Young ones benefit from excellent care just as much as any adult, but they see the world in a unique way, and the dentists wanted to cater to their needs. After five years as a thriving, welcoming center for pediatric dentistry, they’re excited about PebblePath’s service to the community. Housed under the same roof, Stonebridge and PebblePath are just as convenient for families now, but each facility offers a tailored look and feel for patients of all ages.

The look and feel of PebblePath is tailored for children, but so is the actual service. On staff are board certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Thien Tran, and orthodontist Dr. Laurie Parks.

Dr. Tran explained how first appointments are often geared toward educating children and their parents on the importance of brushing and flossing as preventative care and guarding against issues like cavities. First-time parents may not know the information beforehand. Prenatal visits also help protect the baby by protecting the mom.

Prenatal and Well-Baby Care

Dental care during pregnancy is crucial, explained Dr. Tran, and the practice is passionate about creating awareness of the importance of prenatal and well-baby visits. The doctors at PebblePath even work with local birthing centers and obstetricians. In a way, prenatal care is baby care.

According to Dr. Tran, the strain on the body from a cavity or infection in a pregnant person’s mouth can affect the baby. Pregnant bodies are also more susceptible to developing gingivitis due to fluctuations in the hormonal system.

“The oral cavity is sensitive and reacts quickly if you’re not brushing or flossing,” said Dr. Tran.

Likewise, common morning sickness can lead to erosion of enamel on the teeth, so visits to the dentist can address these issues while keeping any guidance from a patient’s obstetrician to use or avoid certain medications in mind.

Once the baby is born, underlying conditions with how the baby feeds or how the baby is breathing can also be detected orally by a pediatric dentist, explained Dr. McMann. Later in life, but earlier than many might think, orthodontic care can set the child up to have a beautiful smile they feel proud to shine at school and in life.

Orthodontics for Tots

In addition to prenatal visits, well-baby, and young child screenings for good oral health, orthodontia can be used to prepare a young person for a lifelong million-dollar smile.

According to orthodontist Dr. Parks, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends seeing patients by the age of seven for orthodontic screening. She told us that sometimes early treatment is needed to correct growth or eruption abnormalities. When necessary, early treatment can even prevent impacted teeth, extractions, or jaw surgery.

“Ideally, all patients would be treated as teens with just one comprehensive phase of treatment,” she said. “However, some children need an early phase of orthodontic treatment to set them up for success when they’re teens and ready to align all of the permanent teeth.”

To raise awareness of the role of early-life dental care, PebblePath dentists maintain relationships in the community, visiting schools in the McKinney area to educate students and teachers. Their presentations help them teach, but their presence helps children see real-life dentists as approachable, an emphasis the doctors maintain in the office.


“As soon as you step through the door, you’ll see that we like to have fun here in the office,” said Dr. Tran. “For the most part, most patients come in and have a good time, and they’re excited to come in. We try to make it as fun as possible.”

Ceiling-mounted TVs allow children to watch their favorite shows, whether they’re shown on Disney Plus or YouTube. Children are also allowed to watch on their own device if they prefer. As for dental technology, digital X-rays also make the imaging process much faster, easier, and more comfortable for all.

“We use a 3D picture of the teeth now instead of the goopy impressions,” said Dr. Parks. “Kids also love picking colors for their braces and retainers. If they want something less noticeable, sometimes they can even choose clear braces or clear removable aligners.”

Committed to making the right impression on all children and helping them feel comfortable at the dentist, PebblePath offers accommodations for special needs patients. Early appointments during less busy hours and dimmable lights for light-sensitive eyes go a long way towards establishing the trust to set children up for lifelong whole-body health. Likewise, convenient hours and appointment times – such as a few Friday and Saturday orthodontist appointments for busy parents – are available for all families.

“It’s a calm, but fun and welcoming atmosphere,” said Dr. Parks. For kids, those qualities can make all the difference.

“As soon as you step through the door, you’ll see that we like to have fun here in the office. For the most part, most patients come in and have a good time, and they’re excited to come in. We try to make it as fun as possible.”


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