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Hopkins Dermatology Janine Hopkins, MD, FAAD and DiAnne S. Davis, MD, FAAD
Janine Hopkins, MD, FAAD and DiAnne S. Davis, MD, FAAD
BY Meredith Knight

2023 was a big year for Dr. Janine Hopkins. Not only was she invited to serve on faculty for Cosmetic Boot Camp in Aspen, Colorado, but she was one of the first physicians in the U.S. approved to perform the groundbreaking Fotona EndoTight, a minimally invasive laser treatment to tighten fascia in the skin for a truly non-surgical facelift. Her patented CuraCator; a hands-free, needle-free topical applicator device; is increasing in demand, and she again found time to travel and train others in her field.

But perhaps the greatest development for Dr. Hopkins was welcoming her friend and esteemed colleague to join her Southlake practice. ““Dr. DiAnne Davis is an outstanding board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologist and popular speaker at international dermatology meetings teaching on advanced cosmetic procedures,” Dr. Hopkins said. “She’s seeing general dermatology and cosmetic patients specializing in all skin types. Dr. Davis is well versed in the treatment of severe acne and in acne scar revision. She’s Fotona-laser trained and has had an instant rapport with our patients.”


This interstitial laser treatment is a great alternative to a full surgical facelift in patients with moderate skin sagging and ptosis of facial fat pads. “The treatment is great for tightening skin on the cheeks, jawline, and neck,” Dr. Hopkins said. “It uses laser-light energy to heat deep facial layers of the skin for deeper facial and neck skin tightening.” The procedure is minimally invasive, using only local anesthesia and laughing gas. Patients take two days of social downtime and see improvement over 6-12 weeks that lasts up to 36 months. It’s indicated for all skin types and can also be used to melt pockets of unwanted fat on the body, such as the abdomen and knees.”

Leader in Her Field

Dr. Hopkins is in big demand training other physicians on EndoTight and other technology. “Growing up I was torn between a medical career and teaching career,” she said. “Leading medical workshops and webinars on laser technology and advanced anti-aging techniques and training others in the use of my CuraCator device allows me to do both.” Dr. Hopkins invented CuraCator to improve safety and control for patients and clinicians applying therapeutic products to the skin.

Dr. Hopkins was one of the first U.S. physicians approved to offer DAXXIFY by Revance, the next generation of neurotoxin. She personally curated a “clean,” medical-grade skincare line called Hopkins Dermatology Rx: to help her patients overcome frustrating skincare issues and anti-aging concerns. From acne and hyperpigmentation to sun protection and discoloration, the lotion, serum, or cream can make all the difference in your skin. She’s currently working on a skincare line utilizing exosomes.

2023 also saw a big demand for superficial radiation therapy as an alternative to surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer. And 2024 looks to be another landmark year with Dr. Hopkins’ daughter getting married, her son graduating from law school, and her Southlake practice continuing to grow now with the addition of Dr. DiAnne Davis.


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