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Anna Toker, MD
BY Meredith Knight | photo by Lauren Medean

Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Anna Toker has a message for her North Texas friends and neighbors. A healthy gut is vital to your colorectal health. In fact, the health of your gut is directly linked to the health of your nervous system, immune system, mental health, digestive function, skin, and overall well-being.

As a colorectal surgeon for more than 20 years and health commissioner for Ellis County, Dr. Toker has witnessed—and participated in—many medical advancements. But few excite her as much as the recent awareness of the gut/health connection. It’s a topic she covers with enthusiasm on GUTCHECK Talk on BrinxTV and discusses at length with her colorectal patients. “I’m passionate about promoting colorectal health which begins and ends with a healthy gut.”

Her GUTCHECK program, also available at DrAnnaToker.com offers Dr. Toker’s 30 years of experience and advice through educational videos on the importance of the gut microbiome and steps anyone can take to improve their health and mental clarity. “I also explain microbiome testing and include a link to a reputable testing site,” Dr. Toker said. “Once you realize there are trillions of micro-organisms in your body working tirelessly to help you live well, it’s time to learn how to help them help you.”

Flatter Belly/ Better Focus

In one of her videos, she defines the microbiome and explains how diversity in your GI-tract microbial organisms can flatten your belly and enhance your focus. “A diverse microbiome provides vitamins and micronutrients required for energy, promotes your immune function, protects you from infection, reduces inflammation, mitigates causes of auto-immune diseases, produces neurotransmitters which affect your mood and behavior, improves digestion, and dampens hunger sensations,” she said.

These engaging free educational videos cover topics such as:

  • The main toxic food sources that reduce bacterial diversity
  • How to increase microbiome diversity
  • Benefits of a healthy microbiome
  • How to use the power of whole food and the microbiome to improve your mental clarity and GI function

Skandii MedSpa

Upon request from her patients, Dr. Toker opened a medical weight-loss and anti-aging arm of her practice which you named Skandii MedSpa. There she provides aesthetic treatments to improve weight, appearance, skin tone, nutrition, hydration, and all-important self-care. “Skandii MedSpa offers non-surgical approaches to achieve natural beauty and wellness through a less-is-more philosophy focused on increased energy, beauty, and wellness,” Dr. Toker said. “Our Clean-Start Weight-Loss Academy offers physician-supervised, medically based weight loss with comprehensive support and proven success for men and women.” Skandii MedSpa aesthetic services offer you a gentle, conservative approach to looking and feeling your best.

Best Local Colorectal Surgeon

For two decades now, Dr. Anna Toker has dedicated her life to the mastery of colorectal surgery utilizing minimally invasive techniques, nutritional advice and support, and a narcotic-free approach to improving patient outcomes offering an honest opinion with understandable options for treatment. Find out more at SkandiiMedSpa.com.


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