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Rediscover Your Radiance from the Inside Out

Rediscover Your Radiance from the Inside Out R&R Aesthetics
  + Wellness

Meredith Knight
| Photos by

They say it takes a
Kelli Vickrey and the team at R&R
Aesthetics + Wellness believe it takes more than that—it takes a COMMUNITY.
And that’s what they are, a community of likeminded women committed to
helping you feel empowered, to helping you achieve radiance—from the inside

Their menu
of aesthetic services have been carefully curated to help you look good, feel
good, and live a long life filled with happiness—and health. Their passion is
helping patients improve their overall wellness, achieve weight-loss goals,
restore hormonal balance, and regain confidence in their

When you
walk through the doors of R&R Aesthetics + Wellness, prepare for a
journey of transformation, self-care, and self-discovery. Their experienced
team will take the time to get to know you and guide you toward a happier,
healthier you.

“We believe
that true beauty goes beyond the surface,” Kelli said. “That’s why we offer
holistic health and wellness services that nourish your body, mind, and soul.
Think anti-aging solutions that can slow aging at a cellular level. Our
mission is simple: to empower you to embrace your uniqueness and unlock your
full potential. Whether you want a subtle glow-up or a complete wellness
makeover, we’ve got your back every step of the way.”

established R&R Aesthetics + Wellness with the vision of creating the
ultimate haven for health, wellness, and beauty all under one gorgeous roof.
Her life’s passion is to merge integrative and functional health with
long-lasting beauty treatments. That passion has earned her Living readers’
trust and loyalty. And, hey, she’s just five minutes from Downtown Mansfield.

    Your Radiance 
    from the 
    Inside Out
    R&R Aesthetics + Wellness  

Clearer Skin

R &
R’s team of skilled professionals will work with you to develop a personalized
treatment plan that caters to your unique needs. Hydrodermabrasion, Morpheus,
IPL, and laser hair removal are just a few of the advanced technologies they
utilize to create brighter, smoother, and clearer

&R’s skincare specialists will guide you through the best practices
for maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion. Say “good-bye” to
blemishes, uneven texture, dark spots, or excessive hair. Say “hello” to a
more confident and radiant you.

Life-Changing Weight Loss and Holistic

When Kelli
talks to clients about health issues and medical weight loss, she’s been
where they are. After years of struggling with MS and debilitating migraines,
Kelli took it upon herself to go beyond the traditional medicine options and
found additional, alternative methods that worked when all other options
failed her. Through her own health and wellness journey, Kelli lost 135
pounds. It’s truly a blessing for her to walk alongside men and women who are
longing for relief from chronic health conditions.

“When it
comes to health and wellness, traditional medicine really misses the mark. In
functional medicine, we are aiming to treat the root cause of symptoms – not
just a band-aid type treatment. Our bodies are amazing machines with
mechanisms of healing if we give them the right environment to do so. I have
spent the last decade working through my own health problems and that has
helped me empathize with my patients not only with their health problems, but
also in making the necessary behavior and lifestyle changes to shift the
needle toward wellness over illness.”

Replacement Tailored to You

imbalance affects women with symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, mood
swings, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, painful intercourse, urinary
incontinence, memory problems, dry skin, hair loss, insomnia, weight gain,
depression and low energy. For men loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction
(ED), loss of muscle mass, loss of body and beard hair, weight gain,
insomnia, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, depression, and anxiety can
occur. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Kelli and her team offer clients
the opportunity to feel their best with bioidentical hormone replacement
therapy (BHRT). Clients report relief from these and other symptoms including
more energy, fewer menopause symptoms, improvements in sexual health, better
sleep, balanced moods, reduced brain fog, stronger hair and nails, and more.
They also offer sexual wellness solutions such as “She Shot,” “He Shot,”
Carboxy Gel Treatments, and a brand new device using Radiofrequency for
vaginal rejuvenation!


It is
possible to reverse signs of aging. At R&R Aesthetics + Wellness,
they restore a youthful appearance by focusing on enhancing the integrity of
the skin rather than on “quick fixes”. “When you focus on regenerating the
integrity of your skin, your results will be more natural and will last much
longer,” Kelli said. “Our practice gives clients the opportunity to turn back
the clock and rejuvenate the whole person. We’re thankful to be voted Best Of
by Living Magazine readers in 2023 and we want to continue to live up to that
title every day. Our mission is to partner with our clients so they can be
the best version of themselves, now and for years to

Find out

Here’s what
some of those clients had to say…

“We’ve been patients with Kelli and
R&R from the beginning and have found the team to be very helpful and
thorough in all explanations of procedures and options. We trust them with
our health and they have truly gone above and beyond to help us with our
health and fitness goals. Our lives are better because of their experience,
knowledge, and training. We recommend them and would give them 10 stars if we
– Charlotte

MedSpa I’ve ever been to! The staff, services and products are all AMAZING. I
love seeing my before and afters. My face and body have never looked so good
and I’m learning so much from Kelli on how I can help in that outside of my
visits too.”
– Kara

“R&R is on another level!! The
second you walk in the door, you’re met with a calm confidence. Kelli and her
staff are on top of their game for sure! Each treatment I’ve had has exceeded
expectations. R&R will forever be my
– Sarah

“Great place for overall health and
well-being. The level of care is huge here. The whole office is amazing and
always accommodating. I truly appreciate their
– Karla


6440 Rendon Bloodworth Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76140



The Spotlight HERE on LivingMagazine.net

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