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Tiny Hearts of Rockwall
    Unforgettable Memories

 Dallas McNeal

“We’re mothers, supporting
mothers, becoming mothers,” said Gabriella Sullivan
, owner of
Tiny Hearts of Rockwall, where they offer the ultimate ultrasound experience
with 4D state-of-the-art fetal ultrasound technology, giving parents a sneak
peek into their unborn baby’s movements, expressions, and precious moments in
real time.

Gabriella’s entrepreneurial venture had to
wait a long time. Married almost 30 years, she’s had a full-time job of
raising her seven children.

“During my last pregnancy,” said Gabriella,
“I experienced my first 4D ultrasound. In my heart, I knew one day, I would
own an ultrasound studio of my own.”

Last year when her youngest son, Carter,
turned 16, Gabriella received her certification, and she opened Tiny Hearts
of Rockwall. She views her business as an extension of motherhood as
she now nurtures and relates to her clients, offering them the best possible

The Mother’s Suite provides an
intimate, safe space for you and your family to enjoy the

“There is an adjustable bed, a partner’s
bedside chair, a sectional, and two large televisions,” said Gabriella, “and
the room is beautifully lit with music and scenes of their

While getting an ultrasound of your unborn
child seems like a medical procedure, Tiny Hearts chooses to provide an
experience so that you can simply watch, love, and anticipate your little
one’s upcoming birth taking all things medical out of the experience. They
take pride in the comfort and homey atmosphere provided in the Mother’s

Erica Blair, a licensed sonographer with more
than 20 years of experience, recently visited Tiny Hearts with her friends
who are expecting twins.

“Previously, I was skeptical of boutique
sonogram studios because I work in a clinical setting,” said Blair, “but I
was blown away. Seeing the smiles on my friends’ faces and the comfort in
their hearts when they saw their babies was priceless!”

Many keepsakes are available, such as
professional, high-quality images, the ultrasound video, heartbeat jewelry,
customizable shirts, and plush stuffies to place your little one’s heartbeat
inside to cherish forever.

“We also can convert the pictures captured to
8K images,” said Gabriella, “but our most incredible imaging is a physical 3D
printed image of your baby using our 3D printer so that parents can
physically touch and feel that baby’s sweet little nose and

“The unforgettable memory that these families
receive in our care is what matters the most,” Gabriella continued. “We also
love repeat clients and following the stories of the families beyond their
experience. Families send us texts, pictures of the baby’s birth, and monthly
milestones. Our favorite part is when they bring them into the studio to see

Clients love that everything about the studio
is comforting and that it’s big enough to accommodate large families. Carrie,
Gabriella’s office manager, is the first voice you hear when you call and the
first one to greet you when you arrive. To schedule your sonogram or to learn
more, call (214) 864-7124,
visit TinyHeartsofRockwall.com,
or email [email protected].


105 West
Washington Street

Suite 103A

Rockwall, Texas 75087



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